The CAT AccessAccount is a fast, easy and convenient way to pay for parts, service and any CAT dealer or CAT Rental Store in the UNited States. Applying for your CAT Access Account is easy, simply visit Carolina CAT or visit


Maximize Your Cash Flow Potential.

Pay now or pay later, Pay only 10% of your balance (with the exception of rental charges) each month and revolve the remainder at our low interest rate. CAT AccessAccount gives you the flexibility to pay over time and keep your cash when you need it. 

Special 0% Financing Options Available.

Carolina CAT may offer special financing options that you can take advantage of only with your CAT AccessAccount. Ask you Carolina CAT Rental Representative what programs are currently being offered.

Best-in-Class Interest Rate.

CAT AccessAccount's best-in-class interest rate of Prime +7% (total of 10.25% as of April 2009) makes it less expensive for you to pay for parts, service and purchases over time.

No Collateral Required.

We will not require a lien on your machine or anything else when you charge a purchase to your CAT AccessAccount.

No Annual Fee. Open your account today!

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