Weiler Rental Equipment

Weiler Rental Equipment

At The Cat® Rental Store, we work with leading manufacturers to deliver high-performance machines to every equipment fleet, and Weiler is one of those brands.

This manufacturing company started in 2000 in Knoxville, Iowa. The Cat Rental Store began our work with them in 2005 when we established an equipment relationship revolving around critical roadwork machines. We started with road wideners and windrow elevators and expanded to remixing transfer vehicles and pavers later.

Weiler always brings durability and innovation to their heavy machinery manufacturing, making them a reliable partner for The Cat Rental Store. 

Rental Equipment From Weiler

You can find many of Weiler's machines, including road wideners, windrow elevators and remixing transfer vehicles, at The Cat Rental Store. Weiler's equipment is most useful for roadwork industries, but it also has a place in many construction sectors. Whether you work in residential or industrial construction, Weiler has the machinery to support your paving efforts.

Our partnership with Weiler allows us to introduce powerful Cat engines to the manufacturer's precision machinery designs. Enjoy efficiency features, durable builds and user-friendly controls that help you meet your goals.

If you need help finding the right machine for the job, our experts can lead you in the right direction. Whatever your roadwork needs may be, Weiler has something for you.

Why Rent Weiler Equipment?

With the right equipment fleet, your team can achieve more in less time, earn more contracts and encourage success. Rental equipment allows you to:

  • Experience the latest technology: Renting Weiler machines gives you the chance to experience the most recent roadwork technology at a price that's within your budget. Enjoy ease and efficiency for your next job.
  • Save on maintenance and storage: Owning equipment comes with maintenance and storage costs. For those occasional jobs that need roadwork equipment, you can rent as you need without the associated costs of ownership.
  • Try before you buy: If you're considering Weiler equipment for purchase, renting allows you to take it for a spin before you commit to the investment. Once your rental term ends, you can purchase with confidence or explore other models to find the best one for your needs.
  • Prepare for a busy schedule: You may already have Weiler equipment in your fleet that helps you meet your productivity goals. Sometimes, however, big jobs come along and require more efficiency than your standard fleet can handle. Renting allows you fill in those gaps and stay on schedule.

Partner With The Cat® Rental Store for Weiler Rental Equipment

When you choose to rent equipment, you need a team dedicated to your success. At The Cat Rental Store, we want you to find the machines that help you succeed. With our selection of Weiler rental equipment, you can increase efficiency for your roadwork projects.

If you're unsure which machines you need, our team is here to guide you. With over 1,300 locations worldwide, you can find the right Weiler machine near you. Explore our equipment options today, or get in touch to request a quote.

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