What Type of Aerial Lift Should You Rent?

Tasks such as tree trimming, outdoor building maintenance, electrical line repair and material handling in warehouses often require working at heights. Aerial lift equipment enables the elevation of workers and their tools. These versatile machines consist of an enclosed platform that rests atop a lifting mechanism that can raise and lower people and materials quickly and safely.

The Cat® Rental Store is your one-stop headquarters for a wide assortment of aerial lift equipment for rent from leading manufacturers at competitive rates. Our large and diverse fleet includes aerial lift platforms in a variety of sizes, configurations, lift heights and power sources, ensuring you'll find the right product for your applications. Thanks to our top-notch service and support, you can always expect a smooth, seamless transaction when you rent from us.

What to Know About Aerial Lift Rentals

With so many options available, choosing the right aerial lift can be a challenge. Use the following descriptions of the various aerial lift types to help you make an informed renting decision for your company:

  • Scissor liftsA scissor lift features a lifting mechanism with a folding support arranged in a crisscross pattern that enables the platform to move up and down. This aerial work platform is a good choice for tasks that require working at relatively low heights with minimal mobility.
  • Boom liftsThese aerial lifts provide more mobility than scissor lifts. The boom allows the platform to move beyond the base of the lift, either vertically or horizontally. One option is a telescopic boom lift, which is ideal for accessing hard-to-reach areas. The articulated version, also known as a knuckle boom lift, has an extended arm that can reach over and around obstacles.
  • Personnel liftsAlso known as man lifts, these machines are designed to position one worker and their supplies to perform a specific task at height. Typical applications include light-duty construction, maintenance, restoration and installation work.
  • Material lifts: Use these aerial work platforms to provide precise positioning of workers and materials when you're executing projects like installing and maintaining pipes, air ducts and electrical fixtures. They can also serve as light-duty forklifts or hand trucks.

Still Not Sure What Aerial Lift to Rent? We Can Help!

The staff at any of our more than 1,300 worldwide locations can help you select the best aerial lift rental for your applications and budget. We'll work with you to set up flexible daily, weekly or monthly terms and provide complete maintenance and repair service for as long as you have your rental. We can even provide training so that your crews can use the aerial lift efficiently and safely.

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