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Work Tool Attachments Rentals

You've got equipment that works as hard as you do, but what happens when it's just not built for the task at hand? If you're using Cat® equipment, attachments are an excellent option. These attachments are easy to install and can add additional flexibility to many different tools. Whether you need to clear away some snow after a blizzard with your skid steer loader, compact waste with the help of a backhoe loader or anything in between, Cat attachments are the perfect solutions.

These versatile additions attach to your existing vehicles, like backhoe loaders, skid steers and excavators, easily and quickly. Put your existing equipment to work with attachments that open up a new world of multitasking.

Attachment Rentals for All Types of Projects

Many industries benefit from attachments in a wide variety of projects and job sites. Attachment options include:

  • Augers: Typically used for drilling holes for fencing, signposts and footings, augers can attach to excavators, skid steer loaders and more.
  • BladesAdding a blade to your heavy equipment allows you to move materials around quickly and more easily.
  • Brooms: Clearing the streets, parking lots and work sites is simple with a broom attachment that can sweep across wide distances.
  • BrushcutterAlso called a brush hog, this attachment can help you get rid of unruly vegetation in a variety of environments.
  • Buckets: We have a wide supply of different bucket styles to match the task at hand.
  • CompactorsCompacting loose materials can save you space and make moving them much easier, so we offer compactor attachments for several types of machinery.
  • CouplersIf you frequently use attachments, we offer couplers for excavators, loaders and backhoes.
  • Forestry mulchersWhen landscaping or working with the environment, a mulcher can help you cut overgrowth and vegetation down to size.
  • ForksLoaders and telehandlers can take on some of the duties of a forklift with fork attachments of a variety of lengths and types. Cat fork rentals include construction, industrial grapple, pallet, utility and logging forks.
  • HammersFor demolition applications, hammer attachments can make quick work of concrete slabs and bricks.
  • SawsTrench and ground cutting applications require powerful tools, and you can use your existing equipment to help fuel the job.
  • Snow removal: When the cold weather hits, snow pushplow and blower attachments can help you clear out a lot or worksite quickly.
  • Tillers: Tilling attachments help you break up soil quickly for a variety of landscaping and agricultural applications.
  • Trenchers: Whether you're laying pipework, installing drains or performing any other task that requires a trench, our trencher attachments can help you get the job done with an existing machine.

Any business that uses heavy equipment can benefit from attachments. They are popular across construction, demolition, agriculture, power generation, landscaping, mining, roadwork, waste management and more. If you need tools for construction and demolition, attachments can help you prep and destroy concrete, make trenches, excavate earth, compact scraps and move materials. For landscapers, attachments can offer assistance with mulching, augering, tilling, mowing and concrete removal tasks. Farmers can use balers and buckets to help move materials. In all of these areas, attachments provide more versatility and convenience than having a different machine for each task — not to mention they're much more cost-effective.

Specialized tasks can require specialized machinery, but with attachments, you can significantly reduce the cost of getting the job done, and renting helps even more. Plus, swapping out attachments is a pretty quick task, and operators can sometimes do so without leaving the cab.

Match the Attachment Rental to Your Machine

Some pieces of equipment are more versatile than others when it comes to attachments. Skid steers, excavators and backhoe loaders, for instance, can accommodate a wide array of attachment types. They are common across industries, and a collection of attachments can provide quite an arsenal of tools for one vehicle. These machines are already incredibly useful across various sectors, and attachments make their reach even more extensive.

  • Skid steers can use attachments like buckets, brush hogs, augers, rakes, tillers, brooms and more.
  • Excavators work with augers, buckets, compactors, grapples, rakes, rippers and more.
  • Backhoes can accomodate augers, brooms, buckets, compactors, rippers, snow plows and pushes, thumbs and more.

While you'll need to get the attachment that works with your machine, many come in versions for a number of different machine types. For instance, we have buckets made as mining shovels and for skid steer loaders, compact wheel loaders, telehandlers and more. Consider what your machine can already do and how an attachment rental can extend its capabilities. Renting an attachment can help you get more out of your tools without the need for an entirely new machine. If you need help identifying what attachments will work with your equipment, give us a call at 1-800-RENT-CAT in the US or Canada or contact your local dealer to speak with an expert. 

Why Rent With The Cat® Rental Store?

Renting attachments offers several benefits to companies in nearly every industry.

When you rent, you can eliminate the high upfront costs associated with purchasing attachments. While attachments cost much less than entirely new machines, they can still be significant investments. Purchasing one could make total sense if you know you'll be using it regularly and it can improve your work processes, but for many businesses, especially those that are new or growing, rental is much more viable.

For starters, renting offers a more manageable and predictable cost. For companies still getting off the ground, tying up capital in equipment can be stressful or outright unachievable. Rentals offer costs that these businesses can manage while helping them improve productivity.

Another reason that many people rent is because it allows you to test out the equipment and see if it is a good fit for the task before you buy it. You may try an attachment out and find that something else would work better, or that you'd prefer a different style or model. Rentals give you more flexibility in this scenario.

As for The Cat Rental Store? We offer unmatched customer service, and with over 1,300 locations, a dealer is never too hard to find. No matter what your industry is, our qualified experts can help you find the right equipment for the job. Know that when you work with The Cat Rental Store, you have a reliable partner that can help you with a wide selection of equipment and work tools from Caterpillar and more than 70 other manufacturers.

Contact The Cat Rental Store for Attachments on Your Next Project

Attachments can improve your efficiency, add to the value of your machine and even help you accomplish new tasks. They work with many of the most common vehicles, like backhoe loaders and skid steers. Making good use of attachments can be a big help in many industries.

When you need attachment rentals for your heavy machinery, you need a trusted dealer that is up to the task, whatever it may be. Our products have the latest technology, and we offer onsite support and operator training as well. If you work with The Cat Rental Store, you can be confident in the experts supplying and maintaining your tools, offering advice and helping you find the best tool for the job. To get started, find the store location nearest you today.

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