Road Construction Rental Equipment

Road Construction Rental Equipment

Whether they use public transportation or personal vehicles, people rely on paved roads and highways to get where they need to be. Well-constructed and -maintained roads keep society functioning smoothly, so road construction professionals need to get the job done right. Whether your team is building a new road or repairing an old one, specialized equipment will help you work efficiently and gain a competitive edge.

At The Cat® Rental Store, we understand the impact the right machines can have on a finished road. We also understand that roadwork contractors need easy access to equipment to complete jobs on time. That's why we offer road construction rental equipment from Caterpillar and other trusted brands. In our selection, you will always find products you can count on to perform safely and reliably at the job site.

Paving and Road Construction Equipment

Effective road construction calls for the use of many types of heavy equipment — from devices to compact the soil to machines for laying new asphalt. If your team needs to rip up existing asphalt as well, equipment requirements increase further. At The Cat Rental Store, we carry all the machines you need to tackle road paving, construction and maintenance jobs from start to finish, including:

  • Motor graders.
  • Soil compactors.
  • Asphalt pavers.
  • Remixing transfer vehicles.
  • Windrow elevator rentals.
  • Cold planers.
  • Road reclaimers.
  • Road wideners.

Manufactured by Caterpillar and Weiler, these products will provide features to help you construct roads safely, comfortably and efficiently, even in challenging environments.

Equipment for Work Site Safety

Road construction teams often need to work near or on busy roadways, which can pose a significant risk to workers. In addition to road construction rental equipment, we offer equipment to help you improve work site safety. When you place rental barricades, arrow panels and variable message boards in strategic locations, you can direct traffic and prevent workplace injuries. Our rental options are brightly colored to enhance visibility.

When Should You Rent Road Construction Equipment?

When you need to expand your fleet's capabilities, you have two options — rent or buy. In some scenarios, renting offers both financial and practical benefits. For example, it pays to consider rental equipment for road construction when:

  • You need additional equipment to tackle a large road construction project.
  • You want to test out a piece of equipment at a job site before buying it.
  • You need a temporary replacement for a machine that has broken down.

By eliminating the costs and hassle associated with machine storage and maintenance, rental equipment can save you money and allow you to focus on growing your business.

Why Rent From The Cat® Rental Store?

A rental company should provide more than equipment. At The Cat Rental Store, we offer the support you need to succeed throughout the entire rental process. We'll start by helping you select road construction equipment with the specifications to match your application. Then, we'll provide operator training, phone support and on-site maintenance as needed to ensure your project runs smoothly.

Rent whatever you need from the people who do whatever it takes. View our selection of rental equipment for road construction and contact us to request a quote today.

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