Concrete Grinder Rental

If you need to resurface or restore a concrete floor, a concrete grinder is the most efficient tool to use. This machine features rotating discs with abrasive diamond bits to mechanically remove coatings, surface imperfections, oxidation, residue and other contaminants. Once the floor is smooth and free of organic and nonorganic material, it can be restored and sealed.

The Cat® Rental Store is a leading worldwide provider of heavy equipment for rent by Caterpillar and other leading manufacturers. We carry concrete grinders you can rent for a day, week, month or longer. These thoroughly inspected machines will allow you to keep your projects on schedule and help you reduce your operating costs.

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Our Concrete Grinder Rental Brands

At The Cat Rental Store, we ensure our rental inventory has a lot of variety so our clients can get the exact equipment they need. We offer rentals from established and innovative brands with a reputation for reliability, including the internationally known Cat brand and more than 70 other manufacturers. Our rental floor grinders offer excellent performance you can count on to stay productive on the job.

Our manufacturers for floor grinders include:


Schwamborn is a German manufacturing company that's been in business since 1935. They manufacture cleaning, milling, troweling and grinding equipment that is both efficient and reliable, placing a focus on ergonomic design for operator comfort and safety. Their machinery is made for the carpentry, construction and manufacturing industries.

We have Schwamborn rental floor grinders in our inventory made for many applications, including handheld, wall, ceiling and floor grinders. Besides working on concrete, these grinders can complete weed removal and screed sanding tasks.


If yours is like many businesses these days, you may only require a machine such as a concrete grinder now and then. Examples include taking on a special project or meeting the demand for a sudden increase in business. A concrete or floor grinder rental from The Cat Rental Store enables you to get the equipment you need without having to make a long-term financial commitment. Renting also makes sense if you want to avoid the cost and hassles that come with equipment maintenance and storage.

If you're thinking of purchasing a grinder, renting is an excellent way to try one out before you buy. If you currently own a grinder, a rental will provide a fast, affordable replacement for a machine that's in the shop for repairs or is already in use at another job site. And in a time where budgets are tight, renting enables you to free up precious capital to invest in other areas of your operation.


The Cat Rental Store team will do whatever it takes to achieve a seamless and smooth concrete grinder rental process. We'll also be there with on-site repair and maintenance service to keep your tools in their best operating condition for the duration of your rental.

To find a store near you or to get more concrete grinder rental product and pricing information, give us a call at 1-800-RENT-CAT today. You can also contact us online to get a quote.

Find The Cat Rental Store Near You or Contact Us Online