Compact Wheel Loader Bucket Rentals

Wheel loaders are fast, efficient material handling machines that can perform a variety of loading tasks at a job site. The compact version works well in confined areas due to its exceptional maneuverability. Adding attachments such as buckets can enhance the versatility of a wheel loader and enable it to perform the work of many machines.

If you're the owner of a Cat® compact wheel loader, The Cat Rental Store is your one-stop headquarters for bucket rentals that can boost your job site performance. We operate more than 1,300 locations across the U.S. and around the world. There's likely to be a store near you. You'll also experience excellent service that will maximize your customer experience.

Find the Ideal Compact Wheel Loader Bucket Rental for Your Application

As a member of the Cat family, The Cat Rental Store carries a wide assortment of buckets that can fit the various Cat compact wheel loader models. Quick couplers facilitate the fast attaching and changing of these valuable work tools. Choose from numerous bucket options:

  • General purpose: These versatile buckets are capable of loading, carrying, dumping and grading tasks involving a wide range of materials and applications.
  • Light material: This bucket type offers a higher volume capacity for handling less dense materials like wood chips, fertilizer and topsoil.
  • Multi-purpose: Use these buckets for digging, grading, clamping, leveling and dozing in various applications.
  • Side dump: Attach a side dump bucket to your loader for truck loading in confined areas or metering bedding materials into trenches.
  • Industrial grapple buckets: These hinged-jawed buckets can handle irregularly shaped loose objects in high-volume applications.
  • General purpose — performance series: Use these specially designed buckets for stockpile and bank loading.

Make Renting Work for Your Business

Companies in industries such as construction, landscaping, forestry, mining and quarry and aggregates can benefit from renting equipment. Rentals make it easier to match a machine or work tool to a specific application. Another advantage is the opportunity to test a model before making a purchasing commitment. When you rent, you can reduce expenses such as maintenance, repairs and storage. What's more, renting can free up more capital you can allocate to other areas of your operation.

Why Choose Us as Your Rental Source?

Whether you're renting compact wheel loader buckets or anything else in our extensive inventory, The Cat Rental Store provides:

  • Late-model products in excellent working condition
  • Reliable product selection assistance
  • A wide assortment of flexible, affordable daily, weekly and monthly rental plans
  • Fast, dependable on-site maintenance and repair services, including 24/7 emergency services
  • Prompt delivery to your site or the option to pick up your rental at one of our stores

Learn More About Our Compact Wheel Loader Bucket Rentals

If you need to attach a bucket to your compact wheel loader, The Cat Rental Store is ready to help. Give us a call at 1-800-RENT-CAT to explore your options today. If you'd like to request a fast quote online, complete and submit our convenient contact form.

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