Telehandler Bucket Rentals

Some material handling applications require equipment that can work at heights — which is ideal for a telehandler. These versatile four-wheel machines feature a telescopic boom that can reach high places with ease. You can also equip them with work tool attachments to perform multiple tasks.

Attaching a bucket to a telehandler is a common practice in the agriculture industry. A telehandler with a bucket can reach into grain-filled hoppers or high-sided trailers when loading or unloading the material. In the construction industry, buckets make it easier for operators to remove rubble and other debris, as well as handle digging or trenching jobs.

The Cat® Rental Store Offers Telehandler Buckets for Rent

Renting provides a convenient, cost-effective solution for acquiring a telehandler bucket. The Cat® Rental Store is an excellent place to find high-quality telehandler bucket rentals at affordable prices. We carry an expansive inventory of heavy equipment and work tool attachments from Caterpillar and more than 70 leading manufacturers. Get everything you need to complete your projects from one convenient, fully stocked source.

Our stores carry the following types of Cat telehandler buckets:

  • General-purpose: Use these buckets for a wide variety of site cleanup, loading, transporting and dumping applications.
  • Grapple: This bucket is ideal for grasping and picking up the larger or irregularly shaped objects you may encounter at the job site.
  • Light material: As the largest-capacity bucket available for Cat telehandlers, this model can handle a variety of lighter materials such as snow, hay, fertilizer and loosely packed soil or mulch.
  • Multi-purpose: If you're looking for a versatile telehandler bucket that can perform many tasks, this one can do everything from clamping and grading to leveling and material handling.

We're available to help you determine which bucket will deliver the best results for your applications. We'll also make sure your attachment is compatible with your telehandler model.

Use Rentals to Elevate Your Business

Making renting a regular business practice offers the following advantages:

  • Lowers your operating, repair and maintenance costs
  • Provides the flexibility to acquire and pay for equipment as needed and avoid storage hassles
  • Improves your company's cash flow
  • Lets you try out products before buying them
  • Increases efficiency and productivity by letting you match equipment to specific tasks
  • Offers access to advanced technologies that allow you to work smarter instead of harder

Why Choose The Cat Rental Store?

Besides our extensive product inventory and expert advice, you can trust The Cat Rental Store near you to carry late model equipment in peak operating condition. We also offer on-site deliveries to save you time and hassle. With our timely repair and maintenance services, you'll minimize unproductive downtime resulting from a mechanical breakdown.

Explore Your Telehandler Bucket Rental Options Today

Check out the telehandler buckets for rent on this page and let us know if you don't see the right product for your applications. Give us a call at 1-800-RENT-CAT to discuss your needs today or request a quick online quote.

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