ITC Solution

ITC is not limited to Caterpillar's latest machines and satellite communication equipment offerings.

We will support a series of processes from drone photography required for i-construction, surveying, 3D data creation to shape management.

Customers who are challenged with 2D, 3D and ITC for the first time are welcome. We support them from the beginning to the application.

In addition, the latest machines with payload function to record machine guidance and work volume are not limited to i-construction, and a wide range of customers will benefit it in order to improve efficiency and quality.

Repair and maintenance Hydraulic hose

Hydraulic hoses repair external visible hoses, as well as internal complex hoses. It is also recommended to maintain old hoses in advance, not to replace them after they have been cut.

We recommend you to leave a hose guard to prevent breakage due to contact with obstacles.

Veteran hose specialists rush to the site with a specialized hose van and solve customer's problems in a short time

Specialized machines for the demolition industry

For the demolition segment, we have been working on improving our products with our customers in order to meet their needs. Also, we have prepared the latest machines specialized for any demolition work to meet the full-fledged demolition and rebuilding demand in Kyushu.

Attachment is also increasing year by year.

We encourage you to try machines that you will only find in our branches, such as a water sprayer equipped with an arm-roll car with the only large capacity tank in Kyushu.