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Whether you're a well-established company or just getting your start, your machine fleet is critical for your success. You may have purchased several machines to enhance your skills, but sometimes you need something on a job-by-job basis. At Louisiana Rents, our Winnfield location provides an array of rental options to support your equipment fleet.

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Winnfield Rental Equipment for Various Applications

Construction, landscaping, agriculture and many other industries rely on heavy equipment to complete their jobs. At Lousiana Rents, we understand the needs you have to meet. We provide a broad selection of rental machines and tools at our Winnfield location to meet your job requirements wherever you go. Count on us for:

To power your mission-critical tools and machines, we have portable compressors and generators for various tasks. We also provide site support for improved productivity and a selection of tool attachments to diversify machine capabilities. We'll find a solution that meets your onsite needs.

When Is Renting the Right Choice?

Owning your equipment is the best way to strengthen your fleet and improve your company's abilities, but it's not your only option. Renting can be an excellent way to meet your needs without a big commitment. You should rent when you:

  • Have a gap to fill. When you encounter a unique job that requires special equipment, renting helps you meet the need for as long as you have it. A short-term contract is also valuable when you have critical machines in the shop.
  • Wish to save money. Purchasing equipment may not be within your budget. With a rental agreement, you can pay for machines as you need them rather than making a significant investment upfront.
  • Want to try a new model. If Caterpillar or another leading brand introduces new equipment, you might want to try it out. Renting allows you to test-drive new models, and if you like it enough, you can buy it later.

Our Winnfield Team Supports You Throughout Your Contract

Renting is an easy experience when you have the support of our customer service team. If you need guidance finding the best equipment for your job, we can point you in the right direction. Once you identify what you need, we'll create a contract that suits your situation. From a single day to several months, our rental agreements offer flexibility for any situation.

You also gain access to our maintenance team throughout your rental term. If you encounter any rare performance issues, we'll take care of it quickly, professionally and at no cost to you. We can also arrange transportation for your machine if you need it.

Look to Lousiana Rents for Equipment Rental in Winnfield

To get started, you can browse our full selection online to find what you need for your next job. If you have any questions during your search, you can give us a call at 318-302-2034 or stop by at 5869 Highway 167 N, Winnfield and we'll help you out. To receive a price estimate, fill out our online quote form and we'll respond as soon as we can.

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