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At Quinn Rental Services, we give California professionals the means to safely complete tasks at heights. Our bucket truck rentals are frequently utilized for electric distribution and transmission work, plus telecommunication maintenance. Because utility companies are often reliant on bucket trucks, we work tirelessly to ensure your business can access quality aerial work platforms like these.

Each of the products we list on The Cat® Rental Store has been expertly serviced by our technicians. Find the product you need online, or let a Quinn Rental Services representative know if we can help you find what you're looking for.

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Our bucket truck inventory includes models with articulating booms so workers can have just the right angle to avoid obstructions. The telescoping lift arm can also provide significant horizontal reach over barriers. With platform access from the ground and hydraulic leveling in the air, workers can get into position sooner and increase productivity. 

Our bucket trucks are a versatile option for contractors in many sectors. Outside of electric line construction and upkeep, your landscaping organization, facility management team or inspection crew can also benefit from our affordable rentals. Whether you're renting to trim tree branches, complete exterior painting, wash windows, install lighting or change signs, you'll have a safe, reliable investment for any job.

When to Rent a Bucket Truck in Southern California

Within the industries we serve, demand and obstacles are changing all the time. Overhead work on utility lines, building inspections, installations and repairs, landscaping maintenance and tasks like these may not be frequent enough to warrant owning a bucket truck. You can save capital by requesting a bucket truck rental only when needed. Whether you're planning for a project in advance or resolving an emergency outage, our equipment solutions are ready at a moment's notice.

Why Choose Quinn Rental Services?

When you need a bucket truck temporarily, your equipment vendor should continuously support your operations throughout your agreement. At Quinn Rental Services, we are always online to help you reserve a bucket truck rental or help you determine which type of aerial work platform is best suited for your project. Quinn Rental Services provides:

  • Flexible rental options at competitive daily, weekly or monthly rates.
  • Preventive maintenance to ensure your equipment remains in optimal condition.
  • Around-the-clock troubleshooting support and emergency field services.
  • 24/7 equipment management with The Cat Rental Store portal.

Whether you request delivery or in-store pickup of a site support vehicle, you can be confident knowing that our rentals are meticulously inspected. We have dealers throughout Southern and Central California, so there's always a Quinn Rental Services conveniently located near you.

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No team is more committed to your business's success, and we utilize every available resource as an authorized Cat dealer to ensure your equipment needs are met. Stop by your nearest Quinn Rental Services location to browse our fleet in person. For a quick response to an inquiry, use our online request form today.

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