About Us

Trakindo Cat® Rental Store provides equipment rental solutions to serve customers evolving needs. Currently, with Cat Rental Store outlets available throughout Indonesia, renting Cat equipment becomes easy. Rental option makes good sense for many businesses when you want to reduce your Capital Expenditures or initial investment. Renting from Trakindo Cat Rental Store allows your business to be more efficient since we only offer high quality equipment fitted with the latest technology. Trust us to become your reliable partner who helps you deliver the highest quality job wherever and whenever you need it.

Trakindo Cat Rental Store provides a wide range of heavy equipment from mini excavator to large Mining Trucks. We serve different types of industries such as Construction, Mining, Forestry and Agriculture. With our experience, capabilities and resources in rental business operations, we can assure you that we will help you make the job  done.  We want to let you focus on your main business while you let us be your partner for your heavy equipment solution.