Wagner Asia Services

Customer service
By offering targeted customers great service and a complete selection of Cat products, work tools and complementary allied equipment from premium manufacturers, dealers strengthen relationships and engender lifelong loyalty. Each rental store offers short- and long-term rentals, while many also offer the sale and service of new and used equipment.


Field service
Effective coverage by field servicemen complements these activities in the field wherever your equipment operates; ensuring a fast response to your service requirements onsite. We provide an exceptional response on all forms of technical and engineering enquiries from product problems to procedures and design specifications. 


Service facility
We provide service facility incorporating undercarriage repair, welding and machining, engine repair and dynamometer testing, transmission repair and testing, hydraulic component repair and testing, complete machine dealer rebuilds and Caterpillar certified rebuilds. 

One stop solution guarantee

1. Reliability
We supply the best in class equipment, serviced and ready to do your job.

2. On-time delivery
We deliver within 3 hours in UB.

3. Rent and drive in 30 minutes
Our Cat Rental Store front desk assists you within 30 minutes.

4. 24/7 product support
On your service call our service representative contacts you back within one hour with the service plan.

5. Emergency response
If you are in urgent need of an equipment in afterhours we rent it within 2 hours since we are notified over the phone.

…Or ELSE, one rental day is FREE


1. Effective for all “The Cat Rental Store” branches: Ulaanbaatar, Khanbogd, Tsogttsetsii 

2. If we fail to deliver our promise we extend your rental period for one day free of charge. 

3. This guarantee is applicable for “The Cat Rental Store” and Power Systems Solution services.
Not effective for “Contract Rental”