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When you work in the construction or land development industry, a major part of the job is making sure you have the equipment to do the task on schedule. Renting from a dealer you trust is the key to accessing a huge inventory of high-quality machinery.

You can find all types of heavy equipment in Arizona, including a selection of articulated dump truck rentals, at Empire Rental. We serve Tucson, Phoenix, Flagstaff and other areas throughout Arizona and Southeastern California, which makes it easy for you to reach us when you have specific project needs.

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Our Cat® Dump Truck Rentals in Arizona and California

At Empire Rental, we rent out equipment from famous brands like Caterpillar, Genie and more. You can count on a dump truck from our inventory to deliver a stellar performance from the moment you have it delivered to the day we take it back.

Dump trucks are large, multipurpose vehicles you can use to haul materials around and between job sites. They’re spacious, durable and versatile. As an added bonus, they’re usually designed to operate on rough terrain and in harsh conditions. If you need to haul smaller equipment, debris, gravel, sand or other loose materials, an articulated dump truck can do the job effectively and efficiently.

Our Arizona articulated dump truck rentals can handle up to 18 tons, and their rugged designs make them ideal for demanding applications. You may use them for any number of jobs, like construction, forestry, land clearing or job site cleaning. Whatever your specific requirements, we have a well-maintained dump truck that can meet your short-term or long-term needs.

Enhance Your Fleet Strategy With Rental Equipment

A rental strategy can increase uptime and productivity within your fleet. Renting equipment when you’re looking for loading and transportation solutions is a great option thanks to the versatility and rugged designs of dump trucks. Rentals make excellent emergency backups, and they can also give you the opportunity to try out new equipment that you want to buy in the future.

Renting helps you reduce hefty operational costs that may come with long-term maintenance, storage, transportation, fuel and repairs. With a local dealer at your side, it’s easy to call on cost-effective equipment solutions right when you need them.

Why Consider Working With Empire Rental?

When you work with Empire Rental, you can enjoy a plethora of rental benefits like the following:

  • Constant access to a broad inventory of brand-name equipment
  • Improved cost savings
  • Convenient delivery options
  • 24/7 support services for emergency breakdowns
  • Ongoing maintenance and training services
  • Flexible daily, weekly, monthly and yearly terms
  • Access to machines with the latest telematics and GPS technology
  • Financing opportunities for low-hour rental solutions

At Empire Rental, we can meet virtually any rental need. You can reach out to one of our individual rental locations in Arizona or California to learn more about opportunities available for specific products.

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