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At the Cat® Rental Store, our trained experts are here to help you succeed. Read through our rental guides below to learn more about questions you have about renting, industry applications, machine productivity and more. 

Equipment Rental for Natural Disasters

Your business needs quality equipment you can count on to be there when a major disaster strikes. Depend on Cat Rental Store for your emergency preparedness.

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The Best Skid Steer Attachments

the best skid steer attachments

When it comes to skid steers, you have a fantastic selection of more than 40 work tool attachments available for light, medium and heavy-duty equipment.

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Guide to Construction Bidding

Guide to Construction Bidding

Our guide helps contractors uncover the best places to find projects, prepare for the bidding process and discover top tools for developing thorough estimates.

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Steps to Being OSHA Compliant

Steps to Being OSHA Compliant

Following OSHA standards means a safer workplace, leading to fewer accidents, missed work and improved productivity. Learn the steps to being OSHA compliant.

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All About Excavators

All about excavators

Excavators are indispensable equipment pieces in the earthmoving business. Learn the different types of excavators available, their uses and the attachments that can transform your performance.

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How To Winterize Your Equipment Fleet

winterize equipment

If you’re the owner or manager of a company with construction machinery operating in cold climates, you know the challenges that cold weather presents.

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Tips For Working in Extreme Cold

working in extreme cold

Working in winter’s extreme cold is a fact of life for many people. If you’re employed in the construction, transportation or energy industries in some North American locations...

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How to Choose a Rental Partner

how to choose a rental partner

Renting construction equipment offers flexibility, immediate availability and lower maintenance costs. Learn how to choose a rental company you can trust for the completion of your projects.

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Top Seven Uses for a Trencher

top seven uses for a trencher

A trencher is a valuable piece of equipment for construction companies and utility operations. With multiple versions available, explore the many uses of a trencher across applications.

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New Developments in Green Construction

More builders are adopting environmentally friendly design and construction practices. Green construction leads to increased energy and improved air quality, among other benefits. Learn the latest trends in green construction.

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Should You Use a Drone on Your Jobsite?

should you use a drone on your jobsite

Companies can use drones to perform a variety of tasks much more efficiently and accurately. Learn their benefits and see if drones can enhance your overall jobsite performance.

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How Using Rental Equipment Helps New Businesses

how using rental equipment helps new businesses

Renting heavy equipment offers a cost-effective solution to get the right machines for your job. With backhoes, excavators, and more from Caterpillar, we can help you achieve success.

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Why Renting Equipment in Winter Makes Sense

why renting equipment in winter makes sense

Depending on your location and the nature of your business, you may need to supplement your fleet for the winter season. Our equipment can provide support every step of the way.

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How to Keep Safe When Working in Cold Weather

how to keep safe when working in cold weather

Exposure to the elements can present a health and safety hazard, especially when the temperature drops. Learn how to reduce the risks of working in winter.

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The Versatility of Renting Equipment

rental versatility

As a construction company owner, manager or fleet operator, you know that being versatile is a key factor in remaining competitive in today’s world. One of the main benefits...

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Top 10 Demolition Safety Tips

top 10 demolition safety tips

Working in demolition requires crew members to take extra precautions against potential dangers. Learn our safety tips checklist to help protect you and your workers.

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Equipment for Concrete Jobs

cat concrete equipment

Concrete is a strong, versatile building material used for everything from paving roads to constructing dams in many construction and public works projects.

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Mistakes To Avoid When Renting Equipment

rental mistakes

If you’re a construction company owner, manager or fleet operator, you know the value in renting equipment. Selecting the right tools and machinery for job-specific tasks...


Attachment Rentals for Paving

Paving jobs can take a lot of money to complete. Get the equipment you need while keeping costs down with these attachments!

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Top Four Construction Industry Trends

Backhoe Loader

As the construction industry encounters new problems it adapts its technology and methods. Make sure you know the top four current industry trends! 

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Guide to Backhoe Rental

Cat backhoe loader

Renting heavy equipment comes with many benefits for construction companies, including convenience and reduced cost. In fact, heavy equipment rental has become so popular...

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Construction Industry Changes & Advancements

Two Cat contruction workers shaking hands

Over the past century, informational and technological advances have moved us from manual labor to fully automated processes that have affected every corner of modern society.

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The Different Types of Loaders

cat loader

If your job includes a significant amount of earthmoving, you know one of your prime tasks is to load, move and deposit material efficiently. No matter if you’re a small landscaper...

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6 Steps to Improve Construction Profitability

construction site profitability

Knowing how to grow a construction business is only half the battle — it's also imperative to understand what it takes to establish and maintain a healthy bottom line.

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The Different Types of Excavator Attachments

CAT excavator

While excavators typically serve as digging machines, the use of attachments enables them to perform additional tasks, such as drilling, compacting, raking and ripping.

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The Different Types of aerial lifts

Genie aerial lift

Aerial lift equipment provides a reliable solution for working at heights. These machines feature extendable platforms that can accommodate workers and their tools and raise and lower...

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Equipment for hurricane and storm damage repair

Wheel dozer at night

Natural disasters such as severe storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods can leave an extensive trail of devastation and destruction in their wake.

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If you're considering your equipment options, you may be searching for more information about telehandlers. To help you make the best decision for your operation, read on to learn all about telehandlers and how they can support your work.


The many uses of skid loaders

skid loader uses

Skid steer loaders are among the most versatile equipment you can find, and there are plentiful skid steer loader uses to explore. Here's a look at the different types and their common applications.

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Tips for construction site preparation

site prep

The construction site preparation process isn't glamorous, but it's essential to the successful completion of the project at hand. So what's the timeline for site prep, and what site ...

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Forklift training guide

forklift training

Forklifts are a critical element in supporting America’s economy. For the product distribution and warehousing sectors, forklifts are indispensable pieces of material handling ...

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Guide to Long-term equipment rental

long-term rentals

Heavy equipment rentals are a convenient and cost-effective solution for contractors, equipment fleet managers and construction company owners to get the right equipment at the right time...

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Construction Material Transportation guide

equipment transport

The United States construction industry is massive. With no sign of slowing down on the horizon, building products are in high demand. That requires solid and steady support ...

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tips for an osha inspection

osha inspection

In addition to providing education, training and assistance, OSHA is also responsible for conducting workplace inspections that may be the result of accidents, complaints ...

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How to take care of rental equipment

equipment care

With more and more equipment on worksites being rented, you need to carefully inform yourself about what goes into rental equipment care before deciding which rental company to work with.

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10 Things to know when renting a generator

generator renting tips

Power is everything on a job site. Without it, your tools and equipment that rely on an external power source will quickly grind to a halt — and so will your productivity. For many jobs...

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Do you want to start a logging business? Here's a look at how to start a logging company, as well as general logging industry tips to help you get up and running.


The Top 10 Benefits of Rental Equipment

equipment rental benefits

When you’ve got big projects on the go, it’s critical to have access to the right equipment for the job. By partnering with top construction equipment rental providers, you’ll be sure to get...


Tips for construction equipment rental

rental tips

Contractors and construction companies of all sizes can only take advantage of opportunities if they have access to the right equipment at the right time. Construction equipment rental... 


5 Things You Didn't Know About the Caterpillar®

cat rental store sign

You've probably heard of the Caterpillar brand before. You may have seen some of our machines in action or had the chance to operate them. You might even automatically recognize ....

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construction budget

Managing construction projects requires excellent planning, organization and execution skills. To successfully manage a construction project, contractors need to work closely with ....

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Trench Safety Tips

trench safety

Trench safety mishaps and other common mistakes can cause serious injury or loss of life. By understanding the best occupational safety tips for working in trenches and performing routine ...

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Business Plan Tips

business plan tips

As a new business, you might hope to help your customers solve a problem or complete a task more easily. Or, you may have a vision that reimagines how your entire industry operates ....

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3 Steps to Temporary Power

temporary power guide

Construction sites are fast-paced, hectic environments with everyone competing for adequate time and space to complete their portion of the project in a timely and professional…

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5 Benefits of Renting Equipment

rental benefits

When operating a successful business, it’s essential to maximize your available resources while minimizing overall operating costs. One of the most effective methods…

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How Much Does It Cost to Rent Heavy Equipment?

cost to rent equipment

In today’s competitive market, keeping operational costs low while trying to stay flexible and efficient is essential. As the industry’s latest trends drive the operational landscape…

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The Equipment Necessary for a Landscaping Operation

landscaping tool

Landscaping is a challenging, yet rewarding, line of work — with a creative vision and high-quality tools you can transform a drab, uninspired space into an enchanting…

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How to Use a Mini Excavator

how to use mini excavator

Being part of the construction industry means you have access to a wide variety of different heavy equipment, but nothing is as versatile, reliable and easy-to-use as the mini…

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The Concrete Making Process

how concrete is made

Concrete is an essential building material that keeps our world together — from pathways to patios to building construction, concrete is used for a variety of crucial projects…

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Landscape Equipment Rental

landscape equipment rental

Need a special machine for seasonal work? Taking on a project in a different type of terrain than normal? Hoping to keep capital expenditures to a minimum while you get your business off...

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Paving Equipment Rentals

blacktop equipment

Taking on a project that requires more equipment than you currently own? Need a machine to meet one-time weight, height or width requirements? Curious to try out 3D...

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Construction Equipment Rental

construction equipment rental

Taking on a job that requires more or different equipment than you currently own? Need a special machine for a short-term project? Working in an area with stricter emissions standards?…

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Electrical Equipment Rental

electrical equipment rental

Taking on a project that requires more or different equipment than you currently own? Need temporary power during a transformer change-out or electrical upgrade?...

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