Arizona On-Highway Dump Truck Rental

Does your business involve hauling stone, dirt, gravel, coal or sand from a job site to another destination? An on-highway dump truck is ideally suited for the task. Use these rugged, versatile vehicles for transporting and depositing all types of materials quickly and efficiently to keep your construction, quarrying or mining projects on schedule.

If you're in Arizona or Southeastern California, Empire Rental can provide your company with a durable, late-model dump truck rental to handle your most demanding material handling challenges. As the rental division of Empire Southwest, a reputable heavy equipment supplier that's been serving the region since the 1950s, you can trust us to offer high-quality products, competitive rates and exceptional customer service.

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Choose From a Wide Variety of Dump Trucks

Empire Rental carries a vast assortment of equipment from Caterpillar and more than 70 other leading manufacturers — quality is never an issue when you rent from us. Our fleet of on-highway dump truck rentals consists of vehicles in various bed sizes and load capacities to accommodate any hauling application. Multiple tipping angles ensure fast, efficient load dispensing, while advanced safety features help protect truck operators and workers on the ground.

The Empire Rental team has the expertise to assist you in selecting the right dump truck for your job site tasks. We'll also help you set up a flexible, cost-effective rental arrangement and provide valuable tips for using the vehicle efficiently and safely. Operator training is available at no extra cost.

Why Make Us Your Rental Partner?

At Empire Rental, we strive to become a trusted business partner for every customer. We'll offer a fast, hassle-free rental experience to help you avoid costly delays. You'll receive a fully inspected, expertly maintained machine you can count on to get the job done. Multiple transport and delivery options are available, or you can arrange to pick up your rental in Phoenix, Flagstaff, Tucson or any of our other convenient locations.

When you rent from us, you won't need to worry about maintenance — our expert technicians will handle that for you. You'll have the confidence of knowing your rental won't let you down when you need it the most.

What Are the Benefits of Renting?

Renting heavy equipment offers multiple business and functional advantages for your company:

  • Allows for fast additions to meet increased demand
  • Offers more control over the size of your fleet
  • Helps to uncover more capital to allocate for other operational needs
  • Eliminates maintenance and repair costs
  • Makes it easy to match machines to specialized tasks
  • Enables you to test out specific models as part of the evaluation process when purchasing

Learn More About Dump Truck Rentals in Arizona and Southeastern California

If an on-highway dump truck rental makes sense for your business, give the heavy equipment pros at Empire Rental a call at 480-308-9100 for more information or to get the process started. You can also submit a rental request online at your convenience.

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