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If someone asked you to name some of the most important machines in your fleet, one of the options that comes to your mind might be the excavator. As a powerful, versatile piece of heavy equipment indispensable to multiple industries, the excavator is an essential part of many work processes.

You can find a broad selection of California and Arizona excavator rentals at Empire Rental, your one-stop shop for equipment and services. Browse our product pages today to look for the machine that best fits your job description.

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A Diverse Selection of Arizona Excavator Rentals

Different applications call for unique equipment solutions. At Empire Rental, we service and deliver earthmoving equipment from Caterpillar and some of the other top brands in the industry. Our excavator rentals in Arizona and Southeastern California are tough and versatile, allowing you to adapt more easily to project demands and take on a wider variety of work. Some of the options we have available for rent include:

  • Standard excavators: Ranging from 70 horsepower to over 500, our excavators can be used for deep digging applications on large job sites.
  • Mini excavators: You can use mini excavators to take on small jobs or more complex projects on constrictive work sites. These machines offer heavy-duty capabilities in a smaller package.
  • Thumb excavators: With a thumb excavator, it’s easier to move bigger materials, such as rocks and debris, out of the way during excavation.

Enjoy the Convenience of Excavator Rentals

If you're looking for the right machine for a project with specialized demands, renting is one of the most convenient options you can choose. It’s easy to rent during emergencies or when you want to try out newer models before buying them. Without the upfront investment or long-term operational costs, renting is both convenient and cost-effective for landscaping and construction companies.

You can use a rental strategy to expand your fleet's abilities without having to coordinate maintenance, inspections or repairs. It’s also a great way to organize and optimize your resources. Partnering with a rental provider allows you to secure the equipment you need for specific applications while preserving your capital.

Partner With Your Local Empire Rental

We serve multiple cities in Southeastern California and a variety of locations throughout Arizona, such as Phoenix, Flagstaff, Tucson and beyond. Our wide reach allows us to work with all types of businesses and fleets. Through a partnership with Empire Rental, you can:

  • Reduce tax, liability and maintenance expenses.
  • Take advantage of the latest GPS technology and telematics.
  • Rent machinery based on your needs and timeline.
  • Ensure you have access to the equipment you need.
  • Rely on our preventive maintenance and emergency services.

Whether you need access to financing options or training for your workers, we can offer a solution that keeps your project moving forward.

Learn More About Excavator Rentals in Phoenix

Our Arizona excavator rentals are available to all contractors and fleet managers. Find your local dealer today or request a quick quote to learn more.

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