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Do your projects sometimes require you to dig in confined areas that are too narrow for large, bulky equipment? A mini excavator is the right size for maneuvering in tight spots while still delivering the digging power you need to get the job done. Equip it with a wide variety of work tool attachments to enhance its functionality and value at the job site.

Empire Rental is the best source for high-performing mini excavator rentals in Arizona and Southeastern California. We're part of the Empire Southwest family that's been providing fast, reliable equipment solutions since the 1950s. You'll find a broad selection of mini excavators for rent at competitive rates and receive attentive service and support every step of the way.

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We Feature Cat Mini Excavator Rentals

Empire Southwest is the exclusive Cat dealer for Tucson, Phoenix, Flagstaff and all of Arizona and Southeastern California. The 16 convenient Empire Rental locations carry an assortment of late-model mini excavators from Caterpillar in multiple sizes, configurations and digging depths. You'll find the right machine for tasks such as landscaping, digging holes for backyard ponds and swimming pools, handling smaller trenching jobs, repairing sewer lines, removing tree stumps and more.

Empire Rental also offers an extensive selection of Cat work tool attachments to transform your mini excavator rental into a multifunctional machine. Options include hammers, buckets, rippers and shears, to name a few. Our rental specialists will be happy to help you choose the best mini excavator for your applications and pair it with any attachment you need.

We'll Become Your Trusted Equipment Partner

Businesses throughout our operating territory choose Empire Rental for many reasons:

  • Expertly maintained, thoroughly inspected machines and attachments you can depend on
  • Flexible daily, weekly, monthly and long-term rental agreements
  • Multiple delivery and transport options that save time and eliminate hassles
  • On-site maintenance and repair service for the length of the rental period
  • A 99% uptime commitment guarantee that gives you additional peace of mind
  • Access to advanced telematics (on most models) that provide enhanced equipment management capabilities
  • Operator training to ensure your crews use the rental efficiently and safely

Use Renting to Boost Your Productivity and Bottom Line

When you need a mini excavator or another type of heavy equipment in a hurry, renting is usually the fastest way to get it. You'll be able to keep your projects moving forward and avoid costly delays. Using rentals also helps you match machines to specific tasks, which increases job site performance.

Since you're not responsible for maintenance and repairs when you rent from Empire Rental, your business's operating costs should decrease. You'll also free up additional capital to invest in different areas of your operation, which will have a positive long-term impact on your company's success.

Learn More About Mini Excavator Rentals in Arizona and Southeastern California

Please view our current inventory of mini excavator rentals online. If you have questions or are ready to rent, call us at 480-308-9100 or submit a quote request at your convenience.

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