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Asphalt paving operations require equipment that is adaptable to frequently changing surface conditions. Pneumatic rollers are capable of delivering varied contact pressure, which makes them among the most flexible and versatile of modern paving machines. They feature smooth, air-filled tires that provide more static penetration than standard steel drum rollers that tend to push the materials around, enabling them to achieve density targets more consistently.

If you're an asphalt or paving contractor in Arizona or Southeastern California, Empire Rental can equip your company with a high-performing pneumatic roller rental that is ideal for binder and wear course applications, as well as the compaction of soil, lime or cement. You'll experience reliable, consistent results at job sites like road projects, airport runways, industrial sites and parking lots.

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High-Quality Pneumatic Roller Rentals That Get It Done

Empire Southwest has been an authorized Cat® equipment dealer for more than 70 years. Our rental stores offer an assortment of Cat pneumatic rollers for rent at affordable short- and long-term rates.

Our lineup consists of several roller models in a variety of compaction widths to meet any performance requirement. Flexible ballast options enable you to adjust the machine to the type of material and surface conditions, ensuring the best results for your project. Easy-to-reach controls and an intuitive console design simplify the roller's operation. Oscillating front and rear tires provide surface uniformity by helping to reduce air voids.

Trust our experienced rental specialists to help you select the right pneumatic roller rental for your applications and budget and set up a flexible, business-friendly rental agreement. We can also discuss a lease or purchase option if you'd like to own the machine at some point.

How Is Empire Rental Different From the Rest?

At Empire Rental, our goal is to maximize the renting experience for every customer. You'll get a late-model, expertly maintained machine with advanced technologies such as GPS and telematics. We'll handle all necessary maintenance and repairs throughout the rental period, giving you one less thing to worry about. With 16 convenient locations, including Phoenix, Flagstaff and Tucson, we're able to provide prompt, reliable service and support throughout our Arizona and Southeastern California operating territory.

How Does Renting Help Your Business?

A few of the many business benefits of renting heavy equipment include:

  • Reduced operating costs in areas such as maintenance, repairs, insurance and storage.
  • No need to rely on obsolete equipment to execute your most challenging tasks.
  • The ability to add to your fleet immediately whenever the need arises.
  • More capital available to invest in other areas of your operation.
  • A boost to your company's borrowing power (rental expenses don't show as a liability on your balance sheet).
  • The ability to test one or several models as part of the buying evaluation process.

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