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When you need a piece of equipment that can handle almost any type of load or job site application, the telehandler is your go-to machine. Thanks to its versatility, impressive lift capacity and excellent efficiency, it’s no wonder that the telehandler is such a popular choice for construction fleet managers.

At Empire Rental, we work in Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff and other surrounding cities to deliver Cat® telehandler rentals to Arizona and Southeastern California contractors. Browse our selection of telehandlers now to find one that fits your lift and maneuverability specifications.

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Telehandlers are so valuable among industry leaders because they serve in a wide variety of applications. Some of the common uses of a telehandler include:

  • Lift and transport: Most telehandlers offer a lift capacity between 5,000 and 12,000 pounds. In many cases, they can take the place of forklifts and other heavy lifting equipment in major construction and utility applications.
  • Plowing: Thanks to the telehandler’s compatibility with a wide variety of attachments, you can use it to remove snow and ice from any location.
  • High-reach applications: Telehandlers can reach over all types of obstacles, allowing you to access higher places with materials or work personnel.

At Empire Rental, we provide Arizona telehandler rentals that vary in size, lift capacity and lift height. Whatever job site you're working on, we can deliver a telehandler that strengthens your fleet and helps you achieve greater productivity.

The Benefits of Renting Telehandlers

Having a variety of telehandler rentals at your disposal ensures that you always have an option, regardless of what may arise. Whether you take on a project that exceeds the capabilities of your fleet or an emergency pops up at the last minute, a telehandler rental can help keep your operations on track.

Renting is also an efficient way to optimize operational cost savings. It’s affordable, and it helps protect your fleet against liabilities, extra taxes, unnecessary maintenance and more. Most importantly, your workers will feel safe and you’ll have a reliable backup solution ready to go.

Partner With Your Local Empire Rental

Our goal is to do more than simply offer the product you need. We’re here for the long haul to help you succeed, regardless of the situation. Our telehandlers are industry-compliant, technologically advanced and easy to use. As long as you work with us, we can make sure you have access to everything you need when an emergency arises or you want to try a new model. Empire Rental offers:

  • Availability in 16 Arizona and Southeastern California locations.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly rental options.
  • Regular inspections and maintenance for all machines.
  • Operator training for new equipment users.
  • Rental financing programs.
  • Preventive maintenance and 24/7 emergency services.
  • Up-to-date telematics on a variety of Cat machines.

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