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If you’re in the market for a new vacuum excavator and want to save money, Empire Rental offers the support your fleet deserves. We have a broad inventory of excavation equipment from Caterpillar and other leading brands on offer through our dealers in Arizona and Southeastern California. Our Arizona vacuum excavation rentals use suction to remove materials from hard-to-reach places, and they offer support in all types of work conditions.

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Optimize Fleet Power With Vacuum Excavation Equipment

Whether you’re excavating mud, gravel, sand, dry soil or water from a job site, a vacuum excavator can handle the job. These machines are most effective in projects that require extra care and precision. While a standard excavator or long-reach excavator offers exceptional strength and power, these models are more likely to damage pipes and wires in underground maintenance jobs. Since vacuum excavators remove material via suction rather than physical contact, they can work around sensitive underground elements without damaging them.

At Empire Rental, we provide advanced, low-hour equipment solutions for contractors and company leaders. Our vacuum excavation equipment rentals in Arizona are reliable and up to date with the latest industry standards, which makes them safe and convenient for your job sites. Our excavators can extract the most challenging materials from the ground thanks to their impressive capacity specifications.

Rent Equipment for Your Arizona Business

The benefit of renting a vacuum excavator is that it is a specialized piece of equipment. Unlike a regular excavator, which is a staple in most construction and land development fleets, a vacuum excavator may only be necessary for specific projects. That’s why having the ability to rent is such a valuable asset to your business.

With rental provider on your side, you can:

  • Maximize productivity on demanding projects.
  • Enhance your available resources.
  • Prevent the costs of emergency downtime.
  • Optimize the efficiency of your fleet.
  • Try excavator models before you buy them.

How Empire Rental Enhances Your Operations

Whether you live in Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff or one of the other Arizona and California cities we serve, we can provide a rental solution that works for you. We’ll enhance your fleet today by offering:

  • Flexible terms: We’re willing to work on your timeline. You can choose from daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly rental terms when you work with Empire Rental.
  • Fast, reliable solutions: We deliver rental solutions fast — even last-minute, if you have an emergency. Our thorough inspection and maintenance process ensures that your Arizona vacuum excavator rental meets quality and safety standards.
  • Ongoing support: At Empire Rental, we're committed to your success, and we care about making sure the piece of equipment does everything you need it to. That’s why we offer preventive maintenance, operator training and 24/7 emergency repair services for long-term rentals.

Order Rentals at an Affordable Cost Today

You can visit one of our Cat® rental dealers in Tucson or Phoenix to ask about our vacuum excavator availability today. If you have any questions about our process or the California and Arizona vacuum excavation rentals we offer, submit a quick quote request online.

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