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Soil compaction is an essential surface preparation task in many building and road construction projects. Compaction increases soil density, which enhances its load-bearing capacity and stability and reduces settling and shrinkage.

Vibratory soil compactors make this vital construction step a quick, easy process. These rugged, durable machines utilize the principle of particle rearrangement to remove air voids from the soil while increasing density and load-bearing strength. The force of the unit's vibrating drum creates the desired density and surface stability.

Empire Rental is your one-stop headquarters for advanced compaction equipment in Arizona and Southeastern California. We offer a full selection of vibratory soil compactor rentals at affordable short- and long-term rates (lease-purchase options are also available). You'll also benefit from our customer-focused business approach.

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Reliable Equipment From Trusted Manufacturers

If you're like most construction or paving contractors, dependability is at the top of the list when choosing equipment for your business. Empire Rental offers an extensive array of late-model products from Caterpillar and other reputable manufacturers. You'll get a machine you can count on, as well as access to a host of advanced technologies that enhance performance and efficiency.

Our inventory of vibratory soil compactor rentals in Arizona and Southeastern California includes an array of Cat® models in multiple sizes and configurations. These solidly constructed machines deliver the ideal combination of high compaction performance, speed and gradeability to maximize productivity in your most demanding applications. Several drum and blade widths are available to accommodate any compaction requirement.

Our equipment experts in Phoenix, Flagstaff, Tucson and all our other convenient locations are available to assist you in the selection process so you can find the perfect match for your projects.

Empire Rental Always Delivers

Our ability to meet our customers' needs and preferences has enabled Empire Rental to earn the coveted 5-Star Certification Award from Caterpillar. Partnering with us for all your rental needs offers numerous benefits:

  • Well-maintained, carefully inspected machines and work tools your business can depend on
  • Comprehensive maintenance and repair work performed by certified technicians
  • Flexible transport and delivery options that save time and eliminate hassles
  • Complimentary training to maximize operator productivity and increase safety
  • Around-the-clock emergency service to minimize unproductive downtime

Why Should You Think About Renting?

Heavy equipment rentals give you the flexibility to increase or decrease the size of your fleet as needs and project volumes change. You won't be stuck paying for machines that you're not using. When you rent, you can also free up funds to allocate for other business purposes. And if you're thinking of buying a model but aren't sure if you want to move forward, renting allows you to try it before making a long-term financial commitment.

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If you think that a vibratory soil compactor rental is a good fit for your Arizona or Southeastern California business, call the heavy equipment experts at Empire Rental today at 480-308-9100. You can also contact us by submitting our online request form.

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