Arizona Water Trailer Rental

Water trailers provide a readily available supply of water for applications such as dust suppression, emergency fire response, construction and roadwork, and agriculture. These towable units offer the flexibility to transport and place them wherever they're needed — pull them easily with your truck or another appropriately equipped vehicle.

If you're looking for dependable water trailer rentals in Arizona or Southeastern California, look no further than the Empire Rental store near you. We have convenient locations in Flagstaff, Phoenix, Tucson and throughout the region that are ready to serve you. Choose from a wide variety of high-quality equipment at affordable rates. You'll also receive the excellent service that has enabled us to earn the coveted 5-Star Certification Award from Caterpillar.

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Water Trailer Rentals From Leading Manufacturers

Our rental division features a tremendous selection of late-model products from Caterpillar, along with equipment from dozens of other reputable manufacturers. Our machines and work tool attachments receive timely maintenance from our team of well-trained service technicians and undergo regular inspections to ensure the highest quality.

We support Southeastern California and Arizona with a water trailer rental inventory consisting of several models that offer a variety of tank and discharge capacities. They include hardworking pumps, spray nozzles and hoses that ensure fast, efficient water delivery. Many are dual-axle trailers that provide safe towing and braking in all types of driving and operating conditions.

Empire Rental Has Much to Offer Your Business

When you choose us for water trailer rentals or anything else, you'll receive expert product selection assistance from our experienced rental specialists. We'll help you set up a budget-friendly rental agreement for as long as you need the equipment, whether it's one day, a couple of weeks or longer. A rent-to-own option is also available, which allows you to apply your payments to the eventual purchase of the rental unit.

We support every rental with prompt on-site maintenance and repair service, alleviating concerns about lost productivity. We even offer around-the-clock service to handle emergencies. With our fast delivery to your job site, you'll keep your projects on schedule. And if your operators need training on a piece of equipment, we can handle that too.

Consider All the Advantages of Renting

Renting heavy equipment provides several valuable business benefits:

  • Gives your company more financial flexibility
  • Offers access to the latest technologies for increased productivity and efficiency
  • Allows you to acquire the right machine for a specialized task
  • Reduces your maintenance and repair costs
  • Makes it easy to add to your fleet as needed or replace broken-down models
  • Helps to ensure compliance with increasingly stringent EPA/emissions standards
  • Enables you to take a model you're thinking of purchasing for a preliminary "test drive"

Explore Your Water Trailer Options in and Around Arizona

Please view our current selection of water trailer rentals in Arizona and Southeastern California today. For more information or to discuss your equipment requirements, give us a call at 480-308-9100. Feel free to submit a request online and we'll provide a prompt response.

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