Our Services

The Cat® Rental Store customer service does not only operate from 7:45am to 4.30pm but around the clock.

Each customer has an individual account representative who may be contacted 24 hours a day. There is also an emergency 24 Hour Maintenance Service Hotline 1-868-464-4490 which ensures that emergency service support issues can be raised immediately with a technician outside of normal working hours.

The Cat Rental Store website allows customers, with internet, access at any time to:

• Check the specifications and detailed descriptions of the Cat Rental Store equipment

• Identify Cat Rental Store locations, including a location map

• Obtain telephone and email contact information

• “Quick Quote“ allows the customer to forward his business information and request a quotation or make a product enquiry at any time

• Check available special offers.

The Cat Rental store responds to all customer service requests within 24 hours. Customers in Tobago are supported by regular pre-scheduled maintenance and repairs in the field.