Aerial Equipment

If your company occasionally takes on projects involving elevated work positions and out-of-reach material placement, you can benefit from a high-quality aerial lift rental. Lifts are useful in practically any industrial application, offering extensive reach that makes applications faster, safer and more efficient.

At Warren CAT — The Cat® Rental Store, we offer a comprehensive selection of aerial lift rentals optimized for practically any job site. We carry equipment rentals that reflect our high quality, reliability and performance standards while delivering exceptional customer service.

Our Lift Rentals

Aerial lifts are used to raise and lower operators and equipment, enabling them to access hard-to-reach elevated spaces. Over the years, these machines have come to replace ladders and scaffolding equipment on construction sites due to their increased mobility and flexible operation.

When you rent lifts from Warren CAT — The Cat Rental Store, you'll have access to dozens of the latest machines featuring some of the most advanced technologies on the market. Our technicians thoroughly inspect, test and maintain our aerial lift equipment to ensure it operates at the highest performance levels in order to maximize customer safety and satisfaction.

We carry three types of rental lifts, including:

  • Boom lifts: Boom lifts allow for both vertical and horizontal reach, featuring a bucket or platform with a long arm attached to the grounded machine base. Our straight and articulating boom lifts extend to heights of up to 85 feet and capacities ranging from 500 to 1,250 pounds.
  • Scissor lifts: Scissor lifts are optimized for vertical movement and have a lower platform height than other aerial lifts, making them ideal for interior applications. We offer standard, rough terrain, narrow and wide scissor lift rentals with heights of up to 44 feet and carrying capacities up to 1,500 pounds.
  • Vertical personnel lifts: Our vertical personnel lifts are small and efficient, offering elevations of over 25 feet with lifting capacities of 350 pounds.

Benefits of Renting Aerial Lifts

Renting construction equipment means experiencing all of the following benefits:

  • Eliminating maintenance and repair costs: Because rental equipment is regularly maintained and serviced by the dealership, you won't have to pay for repairs or maintenance like you would with owned machines.
  • Saving storage space: Aerial lift rentals don't require long-term storage and therefore reduce your storage costs — when your rental term is over, you simply return the equipment.
  • Getting the right equipment for the job: Every project has unique requirements. With equipment rentals, you can obtain application-specific machines suited for one-off jobs or specialized tasks. 
  • Minimizing downtime: If one of your owned machines fails unexpectedly, you can rent new equipment to temporarily replace it while it undergoes repair. 
  • Trying before you buy: Rental equipment allows you to test out machines to see if they're right for your fleet before you buy them.

Why Choose Warren CAT — The Cat® Rental Store for Lift Rentals?

When you choose Warren CAT — The Cat Rental Store, you receive:

  • On-site equipment servicing by highly trained technicians
  • Expert customer support services
  • Flexible rental terms for your individual needs
  • Long-term leasing and rent-to-own options
  • Convenient store pickup or on-site delivery

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