Compaction Equipment

If you handle projects involving soil, gravel or other ground materials, you could benefit from roller and compactor rentals from Warren CAT with a variety of compaction machines that you can rent based on your application needs, from rammers to roller rentals.

Warren CAT — The Cat® Rental Store is your destination for reliable and efficient rental compaction equipment. We work with our customers to supply them with specialized machines that suit their specific needs while providing exceptional customer service.

Our Compactor Rentals

Compactors are industrial machines that apply force and expel air from soil to deliver a higher density and support greater foundation strength. Rollers can also handle base materials like gravel, sand, clay and other moist substances. Some compaction equipment uses static forces like dead weight kneading and pressure, while others apply dynamic forces like vibration and impact.

At Warren CAT — The Cat Rental Store, we carry a full line of high-quality compactor rentals that will help you get the job done right. Our experienced technicians regularly inspect and service our rental units, ensuring the highest possible safety and performance.

Our comprehensive assortment of roller rentals includes:

  • Plate Compactors: These machines are ideal for smaller, more detailed jobs like driveway and parking lot compaction.
  • Pneumatic Rollers: Our self-propelled rollers use ballasted pneumatic tires to level surfaces and deliver a smooth finish.
  • Rammers: Rammers are lightweight, hand-operated compactors that are commonly used on cohesive and semi-cohesive soils.
  • Tandem Vibratory Rollers: These roller rentals feature two steel drums and are primarily used to compact paving materials like concrete and asphalt.
  • Vibratory Soil Compactors: These smooth-drum compactors are reliable for semi-cohesive and granular material compacting. 
  • Walk-behind Rollers: Our walk-behind rollers can access narrow work areas such as sidewalks and shoulders, compacting granular soils like gravel and sand.

Why Rent Industrial Rollers?

Investing in compactor rentals for your fleet means experiencing many significant benefits:

  • Minimized downtime: If a machine is out of commission, you can easily replace it with a rental solution to reduce downtime on the job site.
  • Specialized equipment: Rental equipment is ideal for taking on unique projects that require application-specific machinery to deliver the best results.
  • Storage savings: When you rent compaction equipment, you'll only need to house it in the short term, saving on storage space and costs.
  • No maintenance costs: Because we maintain our equipment, you won't have to spend money on routine servicing or repairs.
  • Pre-purchase testing: If you want to buy new equipment but don't know if it's the right fit, you can rent a similar model to see if it serves your needs.

Experience Superior Service at Warren CAT — The Cat Rental Store

When you choose us as your full-scale solutions provider, you'll get to experience the Warren CAT advantage:

  • Cost-effective lease and rent-to-own options
  • Expert on-site maintenance and repair services by skilled technicians
  • Fast and responsive phone and online customer support
  • Convenient on-site delivery and in-store pickup options
  • Flexible rental terms to suit your needs

Optimize Your Job Site With Compactor Rentals at Warren CAT — The Cat Rental Store

You can find highly dependable compactor rentals at Warren CAT — The Cat Rental Store locations throughout Oklahoma and West Texas. We've spent decades providing our customers with efficient rental equipment optimized for any industry.

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