HVAC Equipment Rentals

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are crucial equipment in virtually every industry. They allow you to maintain an ideal temperature at your facility or job site, keeping workers, customers and visitors safe and comfortable. With precise temperature control, you can complete work in even the most extreme environments. 

At Warren CAT — The Cat® Rental Store, we have Cat HVAC unit rentals that provide the perfect heating and cooling solution. We help your business by providing a large selection of reliable, high-performance HVAC equipment rentals at competitive rates backed by exceptional service.

Climate Control Equipment Rental

We carry a large selection of low-hour, late-model HVAC units from Caterpillar and other top manufacturers. All of our HVAC equipment rentals are rigorously maintained and ready to go to work. You can choose from:

Air Conditioners

Whether you need to keep a job site comfortable during the hot summer months or cool a manufacturing hot spot, we have air conditioner rentals for all your temperature control needs. Our rental fleet includes units in various sizes, power capacities and fuel types, so you're sure to find the perfect fit for your application.  


If you need to cool machinery or store perishable items at safe temperatures, a chiller is an ideal solution. Chillers offer refrigeration capabilities to keep items cold, dehumidify air and cool process fluids. Our chiller rental selection includes industrial units for large plants and portable options for mobile temperature control.  

Flameless Heaters

Flameless heaters are uniquely suited to industrial jobs that require powerful heating in volatile environments. Because they create heat without a flame, flameless heaters offer safe operation with significantly lower fire risk, making them ideal for many oil and gas, construction and industrial applications. You can use them to safely thaw frozen ground, cure concrete or keep workers warm. 

We Are Your Trusted Source for HVAC Unit Rentals

At Warren CAT — The Cat Rental Store, our HVAC equipment meets the highest standards, and our skilled technicians perform thorough inspections and maintenance to keep our fleet in top condition. 

As your full-service rental provider, we are there for you every step of the way. Our expert team can help you find the HVAC equipment that works best for your application, budget and schedule. Once you find the right unit, we can deliver it to your job site and also service it for the duration of your rental. 

How Can Climate Control Equipment Rentals Help Your Business?

When you rent climate control equipment, your business can:

  • Take on more projects.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity with advanced, application-specific equipment.
  • Try before you buy.
  • Lower operating expenses by eliminating maintenance, repair and storage costs.
  • Free up capital for your core business needs.

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