Air Compressor Rentals in ID, WA, OR, MT & WY

You need portable air compressors to operate a range of equipment and tools at the job site. If you're looking to increase your current operating capacity or handle unexpected workload demand, work with Western States – The Cat® Rental Store for temporary solutions. We provide pneumatic tool rentals throughout Idaho and parts of Washington, Montana, Oregon and Wyoming to help support your day-to-day operations.

Our Pneumatic Tool Rentals in and Around Idaho

When you work with Western States, you'll have access to a broad range of rental equipment solutions. We understand that having reliable air compressor options is critical to keeping your operations running, and we can help you find what you need. We offer a large inventory of air compressors from trusted manufacturers to best fit your requirements.

When you're ready to rent, you can visit one of our locations in your area, have your equipment sent to a pickup site or get it delivered right to your location. Our goal is to keep the rental process as simple as possible. 

Choose from equipment solutions like these for your applications:

  • Pneumatic tools
  • Portable air compressors
  • Stationary air compressors

Why Rent Equipment for Your Projects?

You may be handling a last-minute demand or keeping operations running during equipment downtime. Whatever the situation, we can support you with flexible rental options for the job. Western States can meet needs ranging from sourcing an air compressor within 24 hours to planning for equipment two months from now. We offer solutions to address various deadlines and operational requirements.

When you rent equipment with us, you'll benefit from several key advantages:

  • Trusted performance: With our solutions, you can be confident you'll get well-maintained, high-performance air compressors and accessories for your work.
  • Increased operating capacity: Renting allows you to expand your operating power for various workloads and requirements.
  • Dependable flexibility: By renting through our network, you get flexible rental terms and the option to seamlessly address planned or last-minute equipment needs.

The Advantages of Working With Us

Partnering with Western States will equip you to handle your projects with confidence, even when you encounter unexpected requirements. Our rental fleet can help you respond to emergencies, see how a new machine works before you buy one or handle a last-minute operating need.

We carefully inspect our air compressor rentals to ensure they fully meet safety and quality standards, so you can be confident you'll get optimal performance. When you rent with us, our team offers ongoing product support for the duration of your term. You can access on-site and online assistance depending on your specific questions or service needs.

Get Your Portable Air Compressor Rental Today

Are you ready to enhance your operations with air compressor rentals? For a quote, reach out to us by phone at 1-800-852-2287 or contact us online. If you have project-specific questions, use our online locator to find your nearest store.