Truck & Trailer Rentals in ID, WA, OR, MT & WY

When you need to expand your transportation capacity, a truck or trailer rental can help you stay on track and get your supplies and materials to the right place. Whether you need to transfer items between job sites or across regions, finding the right rentals can help you stay on schedule. 

At Western States — The Cat® Rental Store, you can access a massive rental inventory and trusted resources to meet your industry's requirements. We understand that you need fast turnaround and reliable product support, and we're here to make the rental process stress-free. When you choose us as your trusted Cat rental dealer, we'll help you quickly source the vehicles you need and get your supplies on the road as soon as possible.

Our Truck Rentals in Idaho

Getting tough trucks and trailers to haul heavy-duty loads is easier when you have us as your equipment provider. We have an extensive rental fleet at our disposal to help you manage transportation requirements on the go. When you choose a rental, you can opt to get it at a convenient pickup location near you or have it delivered right to your site. You can also stop by one of our regional locations in Idaho or a neighboring state and explore what we have available.

With vehicle rentals from us, you'll get road-ready trucks and trailers you can load up immediately. We prioritize meeting strict quality standards and providing high-performance equipment and vehicles for your needs. With our well-maintained offerings, you'll get vehicles that can handle demanding travel requirements and heavy cargo loads.

We carry a variety of product options to fit general and targeted needs:

  • Boom trucks
  • Dump trucks
  • Utility-equipment trailers
  • Utility vehicles
  • Water trailers
  • Water trucks

Benefits of Renting Your Equipment

You never know when you might see a spike in business or need an additional truck because your regular vehicle is in the repair shop. Whatever your rental needs, Western States provides customizable terms to fit your unique situation. We can offer rental plans by the month, week or hour to help you get the job done seamlessly.

When you choose renting as your equipment solution, you can leverage several advantages:

  • Optimized cost-efficiency: You can meet urgent or long-term needs without storage or maintenance expenses when you rent vehicles to keep your projects moving.
  • Increased efficiency: With an expanded fleet, you can carry more loads of supplies or materials and get the job done sooner.
  • Streamlined flexibility: Whatever your situation, renting gives you the freedom to scale your operations and equip your team with the right trucks and trailers for the job.

Why Work With Western States?

From last-minute project demands to ongoing business growth, our rentals can support your operations and keep you on schedule. We're here to make the rental process as straightforward as possible for you, and we offer a user-friendly system to meet your needs. 

When you work with us, you'll get access to expert rental support and wide-ranging solutions to match your specialized applications. We offer equipment solutions throughout Idaho and in select areas of Washington, Oregon, Montana and Wyoming.

Request Your Idaho Trailer Rental Quote Today

Whenever you need to rent equipment for your work, we're here to support you. For a rental quote, you can call us at 800-852-2287 or contact us online. If you'd like to learn more about specific product offerings, feel free to find our location nearest you today.