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Railroad Specific Equipment

Hi-rail fitted machines, trailers and equipment designed specifically for maintenance of way

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Aerial, air-powered, compaction, material handling, power generating, trench shoring, earth moving equipment and a whole lot more

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The Importance of Railroads Across the Western States

Railroads played a major role in opening up the West of the United States and today they continue to play an important role in shipping and transportation.

We proudly serve some of the great railways that crisscross parts of the Western States and provide a link to far-flung cities and regions. Here at Western States Cat, we understand the importance of our railway system and are proud to offer Cat brand railroad equipment for rent

You may need tie tampers, hi-rail trailers, buckets, undercutter bars or other types of railroad equipment and machines. All of our rental railroad equipment is professionally serviced and maintained and ready use. Instead of investing in equipment you don’t need all the time, turn to Western States Cat for your temporary rental needs.


Keeping the Trains Running On-Time

Railroads continue to drive our economies and provide jobs and transportation to our citizens as well as all types of goods, so we will continue to offer reliable and dependable railroad construction and maintenance equipment to keep the trains running on time!



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