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Does your Broken Hill business depend on heavy equipment to complete projects on time and within budget? Access to a reliable rental supplier is essential to your company's short- and long-term success. 

Cavpower — The Cat® Rental Store is the only source you'll need for an equipment rental in Broken Hill. Our convenient location at 1 Kanandah Road carries an extensive selection of machines, tools, and attachments for industries ranging from construction and landscaping to mining and power generation. Our rates are competitive, and you'll receive top-notch service to maximize your customer experience. 

Rentals From Caterpillar

As part of a network of over 1,300 locations around the world, Cavpower — The Cat Rental Store has the resources to meet any equipment need. As the authorized Cat dealer for Broken Hill, we feature a wide assortment of products from Caterpillar, a leading industry innovator since 1925. Our fleet ensures exceptional quality and reliability, giving us the capacity to serve almost any need. 

Our eight product categories encompass earthmoving equipment like excavators, bulldozers, motor graders, and skid steer loaders. You'll also find the right equipment for your material handling, soil compaction, power generation, and other essential applications. Many products are available in multiple sizes, configurations, and capacities to ensure a targeted solution that delivers the most favorable results. 

The Broken Hill team can help you select the most appropriate equipment for your projects and budget. We can also recommend attachments that will allow you to perform multiple tasks with one machine, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. 

Why Choose Cavpower — The Cat® Rental Store?

Making us your rental partner in Broken Hill provides many benefits:

  • Flexibility: Set up a short- or long-term rental program that works for your business.
  • Convenience: We can deliver the equipment to your facility or site on request, saving you time and resources.
  • Operator training: We can ensure your team knows how to use the rental productively and safely.
  • On-site support: Trust us to provide timely maintenance and repairs to keep the equipment in peak condition and performing at its best. 
  • Protection: Sign up for our Renter Protection program to limit your financial liability in case the rental is damaged, stolen, or lost. 

What Are the Benefits of Renting Equipment?

Using rentals can give your business a competitive edge. You will always have access to the right equipment for every job, and you'll also be able to bolster your fleet quickly when demand increases. Late-model products include advanced technologies that improve performance and efficiency. 

You can also reduce your operating expenses. You won't need to pay for maintenance, repairs, or storage, which can improve your company's balance sheet. Many companies use renting to test one or several models they might want to purchase to ensure they select the most suitable equipment. 

Explore Your Rental Options Today

Visit our full-service Broken Hill rental equipment store to see our inventory in person and meet the staff. You can also reach us by phone at 08-8139-4400 or contact us online to get additional information and a fast quote.

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