1st Dose:

Routine side effects Like with routine other vaccinations, some persons may experience Mild soreness at site, pain in arm, Mild body aches pains, mild feverish.

Treatment: Just take 2x Tab Panadol or Tab Tylenol SOS. Do not apply any cream or bandage at site. Do not take Aspirin as it may trigger / synergies dormant allergic reaction

Aggravated side effects (IN FEW) Laa smah Allah in case if develop itching, rashes, aggravated above symptoms, high fever with/without Chills, Breathing Difficulty, Severe dizziness, Nausea, Vomiting, Hallucinations etc. Treatment: Must immediately visit any Hospital / ER call 911. Call ambulance and someone in family / friend. Notify 937 / MOH as well.


2nd Dose:

(average duration 2/3 weeks apart) 

The service provider must be disclosed about experiencing above aggravated symptoms.

Ideally should be avoided / deferred or even discontinued > depending upon persons condition and must be under advice of Specialist in a Hospital setting.

In spite of Post-Vaccination >> one is still supposed to continue strict compliance with Preventive Covid SOPS by MOH & ZG Protocols; specially use of Mask, frequent Hand Washing, Social Distancing etc.




Simple 7 of Health Living: 

No amount of wealth can buy back lost health! 

(1) Attitude towards life: 

- Thankful being alive & healthy 

- Eat to LIVE and NOT live to EAT 


(2) Two things to be regularly checked:

 - Blood sugar 

- Blood pressure 


(3) Reduce/Minimize on 3 foods: SSS 

- Sugar (prefer jaggery) 

- Salt (prefer Pink Salt)

- Strachy products (Rice / Wheat / Pasta etc.)


 (4) Four things must be in our food:

- Greens/Vegetables, Beans: (prefer seasonal) 

- Protein (Fish, Native chicken, Fatless Mutton) 

- Fruits (prefer seasonal) 

- Nuts (peanuts, Walnuts, Pistachio, Cashew, Almonds, Melon/ Sunflower seeds)


 (5) Five things need to forget:

 - Age

- Past 

- Grievances 

- Forgive & Forget

 - Anger (Stress): mother of all diseases 


(6) Six must habits: 

- Early to bed early to rise 

- Maintain strong Family ties

- Retain true Friends 

- Positive thoughts 

- Harmony: Home/ office/ Neighbors

 - Develop any Hobby


 (7) Seven things to maintain continuous good health (a marathon) 

- Regularity in Meals 

- Good Quality Sleep 

- Exercise 

- Maintain weight 

- Fasting

- Friendly attitude (Smiling / Laughing) 

- Voluntary work.