10 Tips to avoid site Accidents

At Ejar, Safety is one of our main pillars when it comes to dealing with machines. Workers are most likely to get injured on sites.  Construction alone, over 20,000 workers are injured in work zones. The number of reported injuries and fatalities involving heavy equipment is on the rise

Many of these incidents could have been avoided by following simple safety measures.

1.       Avoid Blind Spots

2.      Maintain Constant Communication

3.      Wear Seat Belts

4.      Use the Three-Point Rule for Mounting and Dismounting

5.      Load and Unload Safely

6.      Do a Pre-Work Check for Hazards

7.       Avoid Unexpected Start-Up

8.      Know and Obey Load Limits

9.      Know and Obey Load Limits

10.    Recognize Your Physical and Emotional Limits


Build a strong communication language between the workers in fields and avoid any miss communications. Communication is key when operating heavy equipment.

Make the responsibilities for communication clear among all equipment operators. In addition, create clear and comprehensive safety guidelines, procedures, and policies.

In Ejar we provide our customers with professional operators, that follow the safety guidelines.

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Published on 07/12/2021