Why Us?

Rental solutions from Gmmco-Cat Rental Stores allow you to take short-term advantage of reliable and robust Cat Machines and Engines.

Eight Good Reasons to Rent

  •  Minimize Costly Breakdowns

With newer and quality equipment in our fleet, we have a routine maintenance regimen performed by our well trained engineers prior to serving each customer. We thus assure you by providing equipment which is reliable and most productive, greatly minimizing the possibilities for a breakdown at your jobsite.

  • Get Your Job Completed More Efficiently

You can expect to be offered cutting-edge technology from our Cat® Rental Store. Innovation and technology that are available today are utilized by us to stay competent and keep performance at a maximum thereby completing your tasks hassle free.

  • No Maintenance Setup required

No more worries about the hunt for spare parts, service shops that are harsh on your budget for your regular maintenance needs.  Our offerings include a complete maintenance rental agreement that backs you up with all what you need during the time frame for your usage.

  • No Capital Investment

For short term projects, owning the equipment would not make sense and can also require a lump sum. Renting from us can save you the extra capital and be profitable for your business. You can now get the job done without the costs incurred by owing an equipment.

  • Better Your Borrowing Power

Renting equipment does not appear as a liability on your business’ balance sheet. So renting can actually increase your borrowing power by offering a better ratio of assets to liabilities.

  • No Equipment Obsolescence

Depreciation of owned equipment can be costly. The value of owned equipment reduces over time and can be for you a challenging task to re-sell or exchange them for a new one. Cat® Rental Store provides you with the latest technology of near-new equipment which is productive, durable and reliable. All these without the crunch of owning one.

  •  Try It Before You Buy It

As a customer, you might have chosen a specific model and are keen to know its performance on your jobsite especially before investing. The Cat® Rental Store encourages you to try out the equipment you choose at your own job site

  • Expect Responsive Service from Gmmco

We make your job easier by first understanding your business needs and then give useful insights and recommendations on the right choice of equipment to choose based on your application. Call us now and grow you business.