Hastings deering services

Hastings Deering offers a wide range of services to support a diversified customer base across our dealer territory.

Caterpillar trained technicians and specialists, backed by our technical services division, offer a fast, efficient service aimed at reducing downtime and increasing customer profitability.

New and used equipment sales The Cat Rental Store Repairs, overhauls and servicing Component rebuild centres Engine, transmission and truck dynamometers Hydraulic cylinder rebuilds Hydraulic hose service Fuel injections service and test benches Machine shop service Undercarriage service Weld shop service Hard chroming.

10 Reasons to Rent a Cat® machine

1. Minimise costly breakdowns
Our fleets are loaded with newer, reliable equipment that's put through a rigorous maintenance routine prior to each rental to ensure the most productive and reliable equipment possible reaches your job site.

2. Get your job completed more efficiently
Expect the latest technology from The Cat Rental Stores. We rent Cat and other quality brands of equipment which utilise innovative technology solutions to increase productivity. Also, you will be using the best equipment to get the job done right. No more 'just getting by' with the wrong equipment.

3. No maintenance costs
Now you can eliminate costly service shops, service tooling, spare parts and those cumbersome maintenance records. We do it all for you. Our rental agreements typically cover complete maintenance of the equipment, so you don’t have to.

4. Eliminate storage costs
No need to maintain a storage yard. Just give us a call for quick pick-up or simply drop off the equipment at the nearest Cat Rental Store when you've finished using it. We’ll take care of the equipment storage.

5. No capital investment
Renting frees up your business capital. An expense is only incurred for the equipment when it's needed for a particular job. The extra capital you save through renting equipment from The Cat Rental Store can be applied to the other areas within your business so you can grow profitability. Release your business from the costs associated with equipment ownership.

6. Better your borrowing power
Renting equipment does not appear as a liability on your business' balance sheet. So renting can actually increase your borrowing power by offering a better ratio of assets to liabilities.

7. No equipment obsolescence
Equipment ownership can be costly. The value of equipment depreciates over time. Renting from The Cat Rental Store allows you to use the latest equipment without the concern of costly depreciation. No more trying to get the job done with old, worn-out equipment.

8. Try before you buy
You may be considering buying a certain model of equipment and would like to operate it on your job before making that potential purchase. What better way to thoroughly try out equipment than to rent a similar machine from the large selection of equipment at The Cat Rental Store.

9. Supplement your core fleet
Your job requirements are always changing and you need to keep up with your customers' demands. You may not always have the right equipment to get the job done, but we do. Rely on The Cat Rental Store to quickly supply the equipment you need, when you need it.

10. Expect responsive service
Our team can knowledgeably consult you on your particular equipment and application requirements. We will work to become your trusted rental source and make your job easier, and are only a phone call away.

Renter Protection & Conditions

What is Renter Protection? 

Customers are responsible for the condition and safekeeping of rental equipment from The Cat Rental Store, and may be liable for any equipment which is lost, stolen or damaged during the rental period. Renter Protection is provided to reduce a customer's financial liability during the rental period for equipment from The Cat Rental Store. Financial liability refers to loss or damage related charges, which could equal up to the replacement value of the rented item if it is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair.

Some examples of when Renter Protection is required.

  • If you have not budgeted for unexpected damage to the rental equipment.

  • If you do not have insurance.

  • If your insurance policy does not cover rental equipment.

  • If you have an insurance policy with a high excess.

Unless you are advised otherwise in writing by your Cat Rental Store dealer, Renter Protection will be required when establishing an account with The Cat Rental Store and automatically applied to all rentals.

What does Renter Protection cover?

  • Loss or damage to rental equipment caused by accident, collision, fire, storm, earthquake or theft.

Some liability not covered by Renter Protection*

  • Damage resulting from misuse or abuse of the equipment, negligent acts or omissions of the customer, failing to maintain the equipment or improper servicing.

  • Damage to tools, tyres or other parts and accessories.

  • Loss or damage resulting from breach of any of the terms of the rental agreement including failing to protect the equipment from theft, loss or damage.

The Renter Protection is not insurance or a substitute for insurance. It is a non-refundable fee of 10% of the rental charges for the equipment and billed on the rental invoice in addition to your rental charges. Renter Protection has an excess of $200 or 10% of the repair or replacement cost, whichever is greater.

parts support

Hastings Deering holds 232,000 lines of Caterpillar parts inventories around its 23 branches. Excluding duplications, about 75,000 unique Caterpillar part numbers are held. Inventory values in new parts are in excess of $135.2 million. Total dealer inventory totals 310,000 line items valued at $254 million, which includes the extended Caterpillar product range and associated additional dealer support inventory. 

Included in the dealer inventory is an extensive range of Caterpillar remanufactured and dealer exchange items to provide customers value repair options. Hastings Deering has a parts exchange inventory in excess of 1600 components (covering 700 line items) worth $225 million. 

Caterpillar of Australia holds further inventories of new parts in Melbourne and Brisbane. These inventories include 160,000 unique part numbers, in excess of $564 million. A third line of support comprising $161 million worth of parts is available from other Caterpillar dealers within Australia with whom we have live computer links. Inventory policy supports large volumes of non-moving or slow moving insurance inventories, which typically can make up to 30% of inventories but less than 5% of demand. The combination of inventory size and location, and sourcing systems efficiency, means that, as is becoming more common with non-core machines, parts are available quickly. With such extensive parts support, Hastings Deering supplies over 95% of orders within 24 hours.

Call 131 228 for Cat® Parts enquiries or order online through Cat PartStore.

service operations

Hastings Deering is committed to backing the Caterpillar product with cost-effective, quality controlled and fast turn-around service. Over the past years, Hastings Deering has significantly invested in our plant, tooling and diagnostic testing equipment, as well as our most valued asset – people. 

Our 23 branches provide a range of specialised service facilities incorporating undercarriage repair, welding and machining, engine repair and dynamometer testing, transmission repair and testing, hydraulic component repair and testing, complete machine dealer rebuilds and Caterpillar certified rebuilds. 

Highly effective coverage by field servicemen complements these activities in the field wherever your equipment operates; ensuring a fast response to your service requirements onsite. Our service departments are supported by a network of technical advisers who have direct access to Caterpillar Australia and the world wide computer dealer terminal system. This line of communication provides an exceptional response on all forms of technical and engineering enquiries from product problems to procedures and design specifications. 

field service

Field technicians, resident technicians and specialists with fully equipped service vehicles are available to provide the following infield services:

  • Preventive maintenance servicing

  • Repairs and breakdowns

  • Natural gas engine service

  • Marine engine service

  • On-highway truck engine service

  • Power generation module service

  • Problem diagnostics

  • Technical analysis evaluations

  • Auto electrical and air conditioning

  • Line boring

Call 131 228 for all your field service requirements.

condition monitoring

Condition Monitoring provides valuable, proactive information, helping equipment owners set up effective, comprehensive maintenance and repair plans. Analysing data from a combination of condition monitoring 'elements' - including simple inspections and regular fluid analysis to careful tracking of electronic data and analysis of equipment history - helps to accurately assess the health and operating condition of critical equipment.

By pinpointing issues early, you can minimise shutdowns for unplanned repairs or catastrophic failure. Detailed reports are provided in a timely manner to ensure you achieve maximum benefit from the information.

Advantages of monitoring equipment health:

  • Detects problems early

  • Helps schedule down time

  • Allows you to monitor maintenance schedules

  • Enables better management of budgets by predicting repairs

  • Reduces parts stocking on site

  • Helps develop a complete service history for machines

  • Documents service history for higher trade-in price or sale

  • Ensures repairs are completed successfully

Call 131 228 today to find out how the Condition Monitoring Centre can assist your business.