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Construction businesses in the Bronx, New York, face stiff competition. Companies that have fast access to reliable heavy equipment gain an edge over the rest. The H.O. Penn Rentals Bronx location can provide quick, convenient, affordable solutions that help you meet your business objectives and boost your bottom line. 

H.O. Penn Rentals is the rental division of H.O. Penn Machinery, a Poughkeepsie-based supplier that's been serving the region's equipment needs since 1923. We feature more than 900 machines and work tools for rent in six Southern New York and Connecticut locations. You won't have to look anywhere else for bulldozers, compactors, trucks or whatever else it takes to keep your projects moving forward. 

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Choose From a Wide Assortment of Cat® Equipment for Rent

As the exclusive Cat® dealer for Southern New York and Connecticut, H.O. Penn Rentals is the only place you can rent Cat equipment in the Bronx. Cat machines and work tools feature innovative design, high-quality manufacturing and a host of advanced technologies that maximize performance. Our Cat inventory covers seven product categories — everything from earthmoving and material handling to power generation and compaction. Metso crushers and screeners and vehicles are also available. 

Quality and Safety Are Top Priorities

Like all our locations, our Bronx rental equipment store takes excellent care of every product in our fleet. Our technicians conduct regular multipoint inspections to detect and correct any mechanical issues that could impact performance and safety. We also replace worn-out or damaged parts and make other upgrades to keep our fleet in prime condition. At H.O. Penn Rentals, we take the guesswork out of renting heavy equipment.

What Separates Us From the Rest?

Partnering with H.O. Penn for equipment rentals in the Bronx offers many benefits:

  • Flexible, affordable short- and long-term rates to fit any time frame or budget
  • Expert product selection advice to help you make the right equipment choices
  • Convenient pickup and delivery options
  • On-site repair service to maximize uptime and prevent lengthy project delays
  • Telephone support to answer questions or resolve issues quickly and efficiently

Why Do Successful Companies Rent Heavy Equipment?

Savvy business owners in the Bronx understand how to maximize the advantages of renting:

  • Fast fleet additions to meet increased demand or replace broken-down units
  • Lower operating costs in crucial areas such as maintenance, repairs, transportation and insurance
  • Enhanced fleet management capabilities
  • More capital available for other business needs
  • Improved job site performance from matching machines and tools with specific project tasks
  • Eliminating missed opportunities from not having access to the right equipment for a project
  • Using newer rentals with advanced technologies improves job site results
  • Chance to test one or several models as part of the buying evaluation process

Get a Closer Look at Equipment Rentals in the Bronx

To see our inventory in person, visit our Bronx rental equipment store at 699 Brush Ave. Our product specialists will help you explore all your options. You can also call us at 1-718-863-3800 to speak to a rental specialist or contact us online for more information and a fast quote.

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