Backhoe Rentals in CT & Southern NY

A backhoe loader is an indispensable piece of earthmoving equipment for contractors and others who engage in landscaping or light construction work. These highly versatile machines can do everything from moving trees, rocks and boulders to performing minor excavation tasks and digging trenches for irrigation lines. Their compact size enables backhoes to maneuver flawlessly in confined areas.

If your Connecticut or Southern New York business could benefit from a backhoe rental, H.O. Penn Rentals can help. Our extensive inventory of more than 900 machines and work tools includes an assortment of backhoe loaders at competitive short- and long-term rates. We support every rental with exceptional service from when you first contact us until you return the equipment to the store.

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We Feature Cat® Backhoe Rentals in Connecticut and Southern New York

H.O. Penn Machinery is the exclusive Cat® equipment dealer for 13 New York counties and all of Connecticut — our affiliation with Caterpillar began nearly a century ago.

Our six convenient NY and CT locations carry Cat backhoes in multiple sizes and configurations, with digging depths ranging from 14. 3 to 17.2 feet. All models deliver superior trenching, backfilling, digging and material handling capabilities. And with their surprising power and precise handling, these machines enable your crews to complete projects faster and more efficiently than ever.

Our product specialists can help you choose the right backhoe loader rental for your needs and budget. We can also recommend work tool attachments like buckets, augers, hammers and snowplows that further increase the machine's functionality.

We Keep Our Equipment in Ready-to-Rent Condition

If you're already a Cat user, you understand how reliable and productive these machines are. With the expert care that only H.O. Penn can provide, our rentals remain in peak operating condition and serve our customers well. We conduct regular maintenance, multipoint inspections or whatever else it takes to maximize equipment performance.

Why Make Us Your Southern NY and Connecticut Backhoe Rental Supplier?

H.O. Penn Rentals offers much more than an exceptional equipment fleet and decades of heavy equipment experience. You'll get flexible terms that make paying for your rentals more manageable. We can also deliver your backhoe to the site for a low fee, or you can pick it up at the store at your convenience. And with our 24/7 emergency repair service, you'll have fewer concerns about lost time due to mechanical breakdowns.

Renting Offers a Host of Business Benefits

Using rentals offers numerous business advantages:

  • Access to advanced technologies for better performance
  • No budget-draining maintenance and repair expenses
  • Fast fleet additions to keep your projects on schedule
  • Commitment-free opportunities to test models before buying
  • No more missing out on jobs due to not having the right equipment

Learn More About Backhoe Rentals in Connecticut and New York

Discover how a backhoe loader rental from H.O. Penn Rentals can boost productivity at your job sites. Check out our current inventory online and give us a call at 888-RENT-CAT for additional product and pricing information. To get a fast online quote, complete and submit our contact form.

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