Mini Excavator Rentals in CT & Southern NY

Could your Connecticut or Southern New York business benefit from a compact, versatile digging machine? Consider renting a mini excavator. These smaller excavator models are lighter and more maneuverable than their full-size counterparts. Typical uses include digging holes for backyard swimming pools, tree harvesting, light demolition work, landscaping and repairing sewer lines, to name just a few. 

H.O. Penn Rentals is your best source for mini excavator rentals in Connecticut and Southern New York. We're the rental division of H.O. Penn Machinery, a full-service heavy equipment solutions provider that's been proudly serving the region since 1923. You'll get a high-quality earthmoving machine at a competitive rate and receive the excellent service you demand and deserve. 

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Mini Excavator Rentals From Caterpillar

H.O. Penn is the exclusive Cat® dealer for all of Connecticut and Southern New York. Our full-service rental stores offer a complete selection of excavators, including mini versions that provide digging depths up to 205 inches. Like all Cat excavators, these compact machines deliver maximum performance, unmatched versatility and excellent fuel efficiency. They're also simple to operate, saving time and increasing productivity at the job site. 

Our rental specialists can provide more insight into each model's features and how they can benefit your digging projects. We can also recommend work tool attachments that transform your mini excavator rental into a multifunctional workhorse.

Expertly Maintained Rentals That Always Deliver

At H.O. Penn Rentals, our goal is to ensure all customers can use our equipment to meet their project objectives. We recognize that reliability is crucial, so we take care of our rentals by performing timely maintenance and regular inspections. You'll have confidence that your mini excavator will do the job under even the most challenging conditions. 

Why Should You Choose H.O. Penn Rentals?

Reasons to select us for mini excavator rentals in Connecticut and New York include:

  • Multiple convenient locations across the region.
  • More than 900 machines to meet any equipment need.
  • Affordable rates and flexible terms.
  • Low-cost delivery to your facility or job site.
  • Responsive on-site emergency repair service whenever mechanical issues occur.
  • Telephone support whenever you have questions or need assistance.

Renting Adds Value to Your Business

When you rent equipment, you can fill an immediate need and prevent your projects from falling behind schedule. If you're experiencing a sudden increase in work, you'll be able to meet the demand by bolstering your fleet. You can also improve performance and productivity by matching machines with specific tasks. 

Renting from H.O. Penn Rentals can help lower your operating costs. You won't have to pay for routine maintenance and repairs, and you'll gain more control over equipment-related project expenses. If you're considering a purchase, you can rent a model first to make sure it's a good fit for your business. 

Learn More About Mini Excavator Rentals

Visit any of our Southern New York or Connecticut mini excavator rental locations today. For additional product or pricing information, give us a call at 888-RENT-CAT or request a fast online quote.

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