Rental Services

At Mantrac we offer a variety of services to support our customers’ rental requirements across each territory. Our certified technicians, specialists and consultants offer efficient service to reduce downtime and profitability.

1. Consultation Services

Our team of rental consultants will save you time and money by implementing and optimising usage on your projects. Our specialists are trained to provide expert advice to ensure you get the right machine for your business needs. Consultants are equipped to offer services such as training and technical support that is both proactive and cost effective.

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2. Equipment Transport Service

We offer transportation services for all your heavy equipment transport needs. Our customisable plans make it easy to prioritise your equipment moving needs.

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3. Equipment Management Services

Mantrac rentals are equipped with the latest technology, such as product link and are monitored by vision link. These features allow customers to confidently manage their fleet from various locations. Avoid missing production goals or overrunning costs with tools that help boost efficiency and improve productivity. We also offer rental equipment with Trimble Technology for specialised applications.

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4. Breakdown and Turnaround Services

Equipment downtime is undesirable, but Mantrac has made it easy to avoid them with cost-effective and fast turn around times. Over the years we have invested significantly into our facility, tooling, diagnostic testing equipment, and our most valuable asset – our people. Our branches provide a comprehensive range of specialised services including preventative maintenance, breakdown assistance, repairs and complete machine rebuild capabilities. Additionally, our field technicians and specialists provide around the clock service with the help of fully equipped service vehicles.

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5. Rental Training and Operator Availability

To optimise equipment use, customers need to understand the machine they have rented, which is why Mantrac provides operator training, Jobsite and product specific training. If you not have an operator, we provide one from our team of experts. Every operator undergoes regular certification reviews, and training to ensure they can help.

6. Parts Support

Across 10 branches including Liberia, Mantrac stocks over 165K Cat line items which includes extended Caterpillar product range and additional support inventory (an extensive range of Caterpillar remanufactured and exchange items to provide customers value repair options). There is 91% Stock Parts Availability and unmatched Parts Support. The combination of inventory size, location and sourcing systems efficiency allow us to offer 77.5% On Time in Line (OTIL) order availability.  For the last 12 months we have maintained Group Territorial Stock Services at 91%, and at branch level it is 85%.

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