Everyone wants and prefers to own a brand new. Be it jewelry, smartphone, laptop, a car. Same goes with heavy equipment. Most companies, regardless of their industry, prefer to own it as brand new. Why not? It comes with a warranty, guaranteed to run smoothly, and some even offer it with regular preventive maintenance. But nowadays, a lot are also discovering the benefits of renting heavy equipment.

Let us share with you, why some find it better and more peaceful to rent a heavy equipment.

Access to the best technologies

The first benefit of renting from a heavy equipment rental company in the Philippines is the fact that you can have access to high-quality machinery. This is important as the more the industry evolves, the more necessary the latest the machines are should be. By renting, rather than owning, you’re not stuck to a model that will depreciate in quality and value over time.

Opportunity to offer project-specific services

Another benefit of renting is that you diversify your equipment. When you own certain models, that limits your capacity to cater to certain projects. Leasing allows you access to a variety of different equipment, thereby giving your company the flexibility needed for several projects. The best part of this is, as mentioned above, you don’t need to own so many models only to have them become obsolete; you can just get them from a reputable rental business heavy equipment rental company.

Less cost and fees to deal with

Owning an equipment may cost you more, than save. Though it comes with a warranty, and possibly a free preventive maintenance, you will also have to consider operating costs such as maintenance, storage and even hiring an operator. When you rent, the heavy equipment rental company will shoulder these costs.

Leasing also prevents you from having to pay and maintain for models you’re not using anymore. In some heavy equipment rental companies, if you are not satisfied with the performance of your machine, you may always request for a replacement; thus, it will save you from unit downtime, which may hinder project completion.

Ultimately, you’re assured top-of-the-line equipment without the price it takes in repairing, storing, and owning one. Monark Equipment, is the leading heavy equipment rental company in the Philippines. Monark can provide you with the latest industry-leading models, and help you utilize the technology the equipment comes with. At Monark, we offer various Cat® and non-Cat equipment, regardless which industry you are in; for whatever job application; and no matter the job duration. Designed to help you deliver your projects efficiently and in great quality, Monark is a one stop shop, for your every industry need. Contact us now to get started!