MSP (CAT) - The Rental Store

Our Story

In 1976, Tractors India Limited, a Kolkata-based Caterpillar Dealer covering North-Eastern India since 1944, established a representative office in Myanmar to offer Caterpillar products in a new market. In 1995, Myanmar Tractors Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tractors India Limited, was formed as a 100% foreign company and became a Caterpillar Dealer for Myanmar.

In 2011, Myan Shwe Pyi Tractors Limited (MSP CAT) took over the previous Caterpillar dealer in Myanmar, Myanmar Tractors Ltd., making it a wholly owned Myanmar Company led by U Khin Maung Win. We continue to be the Caterpillar dealer providing products and total solutions that have been available in the country since 1995.

On October 8th, 2018, Myan Shwe Pyi Tractors Ltd., created its Rental Department as a separate company, so called MSP Rental Ltd.

The head office is strategically located, next to MSP CAT to fulfill customer’s needs. We have indeed extended the MSP CAT new facility located in East Dagon with a Rental Store showing all the machines and work tools attachments for rent.

Since then, we opened a total of 11 Rental branches around business development areas in Myanmar to better serve our rental customers. In addition, we are also providing affordable transportation of the required machines and work tools on their jobsites.

If they need robust equipment to handle their jobsites, they should consider renting. It will reduce their investment and will still ensure to have reliable equipment. MSP Rental has a selection of well serviced and maintained Cat equipment to provide quality machines on their project, whenever they need them.

With MSP Rental, they can leave all their equipment management headache behind. We are ready to help our customers, fast and right, providing them with our expertise and skilled operators.