Southern California Work Tool Rentals

The right work tool can completely change your fleet. By providing your machine with a new set of capabilities, the right attachment can be a cost-effective way to speed up your operations.

At Quinn Rental Services, we offer a full selection of work tool attachments from Caterpillar and other reputable brands so you can deliver the high-quality work your clients require. We offer both short-term and long-term rentals, allowing you to use what you need for as long as you need it.

Enhance Your Applications With Work Tool Rentals

When it comes to construction, excavation and loading applications, you need versatile equipment that can help you get the job done quickly. Work tool and attachment rentals allow you to take on different jobs without forcing you to buy equipment you only plan to use for a single season or project. Attachments give your machines the power to handle more tasks in a shorter amount of time, which helps minimize your fleet and save space.

Work tool attachments are common in a wide range of industries, from construction and utility to roadwork and landscaping. Regardless of the application, work tool rentals can help you reduce expenses and downtime.

Find High-Quality Attachment Rentals in Southern and Central California

If you're looking for Southern and Central California work tool rentals you can trust for quality and performance, Quinn offers a solution. We have several types of attachments available at our dealer locations. Some of these work tool attachments include:

  • Augers: Our Cat® drilling augers are ideal for excavation and construction projects. You can attach one of these augers to a skid steer and use it on any high-demand job site.
  • Forks: We offer fork attachments for heavy skid steer applications. You can choose a size that best fits the demands of your project.
  • Thumbs: Our thumb attachments help pick up scraps, equipment and other heavy materials that need to be moved. These attachments are commonly used with excavators.

The Benefits of Working With Quinn Rental Services

Quinn Rental Services makes it easy to rent skid steer and excavator attachments whenever you need them. If an emergency arises or you're looking to expand your fleet for a lower cost, we can help keep your operations up and running. We offer expert advice and ongoing support so you can stay productive throughout the rental period.

Our dealers are available in more than two dozen locations throughout Southern and Central California, where our professionals provide a wide variety of options to local contractors. We even offer on-site operator training to help our clients ensure efficiency and safety.

Reach Out for a Quick Quote

With easy access to our selection of attachments, you can increase the versatility of your equipment and take on more applications at one time. Our Southern and Central California work tool rentals give your business an advantage, so consider partnering with us today. Our dealers are available by phone, or you can reach out on our website today for a quick quote.