Southern California Shoring Equipment Rentals

If you need extra power for a large excavation job or utility project, Quinn Rental Services can provide the support you're looking for. Our extensive selection of trencher rentals offers many options, and we work with a variety of industries to help you keep operations running smoothly when the unexpected happens. Our trenching and shoring equipment rentals in Southern and Central California can help you stay compliant and efficient as you work on heavy-duty projects.

Enhance Your Shoring and Trenching Applications

When you need to cut through pavement, conduct maintenance on underground wires or take on sewage work, a trencher can help you get the job done. These powerful cutting tools are designed to tear through the ground, creating trenches that meet your depth requirements. Trenchers feature massive blades and are suitable for applications that take place in harsh environments. These machines are ideal for businesses in the construction, utility and landscaping industries.

Trenching and Shoring Equipment Rentals at Our Southern and Central California Locations

Quinn Rental Services is your go-to source for renting high-quality equipment from Caterpillar and other major brands. We maintain all types of equipment for earthmoving and trenching applications, and we're ready to help you find the reliable solution you're looking for. Some of the trenchers we have available for rent include:

  • Ride-on trenchers: Designed with comfortable seating and simple controls, our ride-on trenchers are well-suited for larger excavation and digging projects. Some of our ride-on trenchers deliver up to 125 hp, and they can handle depths of 7 feet or more.
  • Walk-behind trenchers: Our Ditchwitch walk-behind trenchers are highly maneuverable thanks to their tracked designs. These machines can cut into the ground at depths of 24 inches or fewer, which makes them ideal for smaller applications.

Choose from our rental options and use them for as long as you need. We offer flexible terms so you can maintain productivity throughout the duration of the project.

Why Work With Quinn Rental Services?

We're committed to keeping your operations running smoothly. High-quality rental equipment helps you maximize productivity during demanding projects, and it can prevent emergency repairs from interrupting your normal workflow. If you need a specific type of trencher for a job, we will support you with:

  • A broad selection of equipment from leading brands.
  • The latest diagnostic and servicing technology.
  • 24/7 service for every rental.
  • Access to The Cat® Rental Store Customer Portal.
  • On-site operator training.

We provide these services with every rental to help enhance your safety and efficiency. Whether you need a quick replacement for a few days or you're planning for a long-term project, we can create a convenient rental agreement that works for you.

Contact Us for a Quote Today

Our shoring and trenching rental equipment is durable and ready to meet your project demands. Plus, we provide the resources you need to maintain a competitive advantage throughout the duration of your rental. For more information, contact us for a quote or reach out to your local Quinn Rental Services location today.