Southern California Truck & Trailer Rentals

When you need to transfer equipment, building materials or supplies from one job site or facility to another, a rental trailer or truck can help you get the job done. At Quinn Rental Services, we have a variety of trucks and trailers available for rent. Our options come in all shapes and sizes so you can choose the one you need. Meeting the demands of your next transportation job is easier when you work with a trustworthy local dealer.

Rental Trucks and Trailers for High-Demand Industries

Whether you manage a warehouse, a construction job site or a utility company, you can benefit from supporting your fleet with durable trucks and trailers. Trailers and trucks are ideal for carrying personnel and materials, especially if you're traveling long distances. Without the proper size of equipment, it may take more time and effort to transport heavy cargo. A large trailer or a heavy-duty truck can maximize productivity and reduce the load on your workers, which will give them peace of mind and streamline operations over time.

A Wide Selection of Southern and Central California Truck and Trailer Rentals

Quinn Rental Services has a wide variety of trucks and trailers for rent, ready to meet your specific project requirements. Our rental options include:

  • Bucket trucks: Our bucket trucks serve as durable aerial work platforms, helping your operators reach higher areas when they're taking on complex utility and maintenance applications.
  • Dump trucks: Whether you're picking up job site scraps, transporting heavy equipment or hauling construction materials, a sturdy dump truck can provide the support you need.
  • Utility vehicles: Our Ford pick-up trucks make it easy to handle light- and medium-duty loads as needed. Their sturdy design also makes them tough enough for harsh working conditions.
  • Water trailers: In construction and agriculture, water trailers help with water storage, dust control and more. Our units can even hold up to 12,000 gallons.
  • Water trucks: Water trucks are designed for smaller water storage and distribution applications. If you need a truck that can hold 2,000 to 4,000 gallons, you can find one in our inventory.

Why Rent Trucks and Trailers From Quinn Rental Services?

For business leaders interested in trying out newer truck models, planning ahead or temporarily replacing damaged equipment, our truck and trailer rentals in Southern and Central California can save you time and money. We can help you reduce downtime while staying within budget, and we offer support throughout the duration of your rental. Our services and benefits include:

  • The Cat® Rental Store Customer Portal access
  • Flexible daily, weekly, monthly and long-term rental options
  • The latest diagnostic and support technology
  • 24/7 troubleshooting, maintenance and on-site support
  • On-site operator training
  • Local availability in multiple locations throughout Southern and Central California

Contact Us Today for a Quote

You can find the ideal trailer or truck for your application in our extensive inventory of low-hour brand-name equipment. For more information about our Southern and Central California truck and trailer rentals and services, request a quick quote. If you have questions about local availability, find your nearest Quinn Rental Services location and contact us today.