Light Tower Rentals in Central, South & North Texas

At Texas First Rentals, we have light towers in North, Central and South Texas to meet your temporary equipment needs. Count on us for competitive rates and flexible contracts whenever you need to boost your fleet.

Our Selection of Light Tower Rentals in North, Central and South Texas

Light towers are necessary when your crew works late hours or operates in tunnels or mines. At Texas First Rentals, we carry a range of light towers to support visibility and productivity on your job site. 

Our available light tower models come with durable tires and hitch connectors to support easy transportation from site to site. Our models offer various tower heights and outputs to reflect your work site and the amount of light you need. 

Choose our light tower rentals for those busy weeks when you're working through the night, and they'll give you a much-needed productivity boost. Our rentals are also an excellent option if one of your light towers is in the shop. Whatever your needs, our lights towers make a fantastic addition to any fleet.

With our scheduled maintenance and multipoint inspections, we ensure our rentals meet your performance standards. When you use our light towers, you can trust they'll work as hard as your crew.

Texas First Rentals Advantage

When you need rental equipment, an attentive and educated team is valuable. At Texas First Rentals, our team gives you the support you need for a hassle-free rental experience. We can guide you to the right light tower for your project and create a contract that fits every requirement.

We understand the challenge of staying within budget and meeting schedule demands while renting equipment. Our competitive rates make sure you're getting the best value for your money, while our daily, weekly and monthly prices make it possible to customize your term to your specific time frame. From several months to one day, we have your back.

Our team is also prepared to handle emergencies when they happen. If you run into repair needs on the job, our technicians will take care of the fix at no extra cost.

Accessible North, Central and South Texas Locations for Light Tower Rentals

Texas is a big state, and your fleet may only operate in one region. Texas First Rentals has locations in North, South and Central Texas to serve your temporary equipment needs. Wherever you are in the state, you can find a store near you.

Visit one of our locations to see our light towers in person and talk to a representative about your contract. You can also start your rental online by adding a tower to your request — we'll get back to you with availability. If you have questions, call us at 1-844-893-4778 to speak to a representative.

Boost Your Fleet With a Light Tower Rental Today

Texas First Rentals has reliable light tower rentals for your next project. Request a quote today to receive more information.