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Altoona, Iowa, is a growing city with increasing construction and contracting work. The surrounding countryside also includes rich agricultural land for growing crops and raising livestock. As a construction, contracting or farming business, you need reliable equipment access to keep your operation moving.

Ziegler Rental serves this need with rental equipment at our location in Altoona. We are committed to providing a wide selection of equipment to serve many industries.

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The Equipment We Offer for Rent

Our rental location in Altoona provides Cat® equipment and machines from over 70 other leading brands. We also have a talented staff of service technicians on-site to maintain equipment and ensure the rentals we provide serve your operation. They fully inspect equipment before renting it and provide regular service while you use the machines.

Our rentals serve these industries:

Equipment rentals provide many benefits to aid your operations. Control project costs by budgeting rentals before the work begins. Save storage space by returning a rental once you finish work. Flexible terms allow you to rent for days, weeks or months, and you eliminate repair costs by leaving maintenance to your rental provider. 

With Ziegler, you also have rent-to-buy or lease-to-buy options. These choices let you test equipment before you purchase. You also get more controlled costs over time by renting to own a machine. 

Why Get Altoona Rental Equipment From Ziegler?

We are a family-owned company providing unmatched care for every client working with us. Our sales teams have extensive product knowledge to assist you in choosing the correct equipment for your project. Our repair technicians understand the details of each piece of equipment to provide fast, expert repairs. You also get service according to your needs, with repair technicians who travel to your job site or perform maintenance at our shops.

Ziegler has been in business serving clients in Iowa and Minnesota for over 100 years. We are also available 24/7 to answer questions or provide equipment access on short notice to keep your critical operations running. Our extensive service area, with 24 locations, means you get quality, reliable service wherever you work. If you're a contracting business frequently moving to different job sites, having a name you trust nearby can provide you peace of mind. 

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Start the rental process with an online quote for the equipment you need for your job. Once you're ready to rent, visit us in Altoona at 1600 Ziegler Drive Northwest to browse our rentals and discuss your project in person.

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