Portable Air Compressor Rentals in Minnesota & Iowa

Whether you're part of a large construction operation or a smaller contractor team in the upper Midwest, we support any organization's air equipment needs at Ziegler Rental. Our air compressors and tools for rent supplement our dozens of products for hard-working crews and contractors.

Across our 24 rental facilities in Minnesota and Iowa, you can find carefully sourced and maintained pneumatic equipment at competitive daily, weekly and monthly rental rates.

Browse our rental air compressor fleet on The Cat® Rental Store or reach out to a Ziegler representative who can share a tailored recommendation with you.

Rental Air Compressors in Minnesota & Iowa

At Ziegler, we stock multiple compressor models that are maneuverable enough for residential sites and built strong for commercial and industrial projects. 

We have towable air compressors that can be repositioned around your facility or working environment as needed. Our units come in various CFM and PSI ranges for the optimal performance you need. Select from electric compressors ideal for indoor use or fuel-efficient diesel compressors depending on your work environment.

Additionally, we have mobile compressors and compressed air dryers welded to skids for transport by a forklift. You can rely on their versatility to assist with demolishing, spraying or blasting with pneumatic tools. We also have stationary tanks for a reliable source of compressed air at your location.

Pneumatic Tool Rentals in Minnesota & Iowa

Ziegler stocks air-powered tools to get the most out of your compressor rental. Useful for construction, utilities, and other industries, our rugged air breakers, chisels, and hammers feature compact, lightweight designs so you can work faster and more efficiently.

We also carry accessories such as air equipment fittings, manifolds, valves and hoses for rent.

Why Partner With Ziegler?

Our rental equipment is a cost-effective way to expand your team's capabilities without overstretching your budget. When business demands spike or your current equipment is unavailable, you'll need access to quality products. If you infrequently use compressors and air tools on the job, renting rather than owning will free up capital you can put toward other areas of your business. Our technicians complete an inspection for each of our products so you can invest confidently and work right away.

Our branches are conveniently located throughout Minnesota and Iowa and are capable of delivering your rental fast. We also have a dedicated, 24-hour rental service team ready to travel to your site and restore any of our equipment in need of repairs. Our team will work with you to customize your rental duration as needed and maintain your investment for however long you choose.

Find a Portable Air Compressor Rental for Your Job Today

With rental air equipment from the top brands, we make it easy and affordable to bring the right products to every job. Visit a Ziegler branch near you to choose from one of our available units, or get started online using our quote request form today.