Crane Rentals in Minnesota & Iowa

When you have temporary equipment needs, you want a dealer you can trust. Ziegler Rental and The Cat® Rental Store are your resources for reliable Minnesota and Iowa crane rentals and other mission-critical equipment.

Our Carry Deck Crane Rentals in Minnesota and Iowa

Cranes and crane trucks are essential machines in many industries, from general construction to shipbuilding. These machines reach high heights while offering superior load capacity and stability. At Ziegler, you can find a suitable crane model for your next project.

Our selection of cranes includes a range of vertical reaches and carry deck models. With our carry deck crane rentals, you can cover vertical distances with a compact truck that fits in narrow areas with ease. Regardless of your project specifications, we have a crane that does the job.

While our crane rentals cover vertical distances, they also provide excellent weight capacity and stability. Transport materials such as steel beams with high-level control. Advanced steering options ensure operators navigate cranes according to the task and job site.

When is the best time to rent one of these versatile machines? Adding temporary cranes to your fleet is ideal when your existing crane is undergoing repairs. Renting is also helpful when you have an extensive project that requires a big team — additional cranes mean achieving more in less time.

Regardless of your project, our cranes are prepared to meet your performance standards. With our scheduled maintenance and multipoint inspections, your crane rental will work hard.

Why Choose Ziegler?

Renting from Ziegler and The Cat Rental Store offers several advantages to your fleet. We focus on providing a hassle-free rental experience, which helps you get back on the field as soon as possible.

Our team consists of equipment experts that can help you find the best crane for your next project. When you source the right model for your job, we'll help you design a contract that meets your specifications. Our daily, weekly and monthly rates make customization easy, while our competitive prices give you the best value for your dollar.

Once you're set up with your crane rental, you can count on us during your term. Your contract also includes technician service should the need arise. If you run into any repair needs on the job, our technicians will handle it at no extra cost.

Rent Cranes In-Store or Online With Ziegler

Accessibility is another benefit of renting from Ziegler. We have 25 locations in Minnesota and Iowa to meet your rental needs wherever you are. Visit one of our stores to look at our crane options and talk to a team member about your contract.

Handling your rental online is also an option. Add a crane to your request, and we'll get in touch about availability. If you have questions while you browse, call one of our stores to talk to a representative.

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