Points to consider while renting a machine

The moment you identify a job to be accomplished, the question arises, whether to RENT or BUY the equipment. To help you decide, go through our exclusive blog on the same here. In this blog, we intend to share points to consider while you rent a machine. Renting is ideal for shorter projects & optimum utilization of a machine. This is achievable through skilled operators, minimal downtime with replacements & repairs by trained technicians. Read More

Things to Consider before Buying or Renting Heavy Equipment

When considering including new equipment in your fleet, the dilemma whether to rent or buy sets in. It is common. Equipment purchase, regardless of its nature, requires proper planning. It is always good to gauge the current budget scenario along with inventory analysis to make sure that whether the equipment to be bought is actually necessary or not. Whether you are looking to expand your business with new equipment in your fleet or trying to rent heavy machinery for your current contracts, here are a couple of things that can help you invest in equipment wisely.  Read More

Common Misconceptions about Used Construction Equipment

Heavy machinery is a crucial component of the construction industry with its contribution towards various tasks that otherwise could not be achieved. New equipment would come with higher costs affecting annual budgets for some companies, if not planned. As a construction site manager or owner, there can be multiple reasons that can draw you towards used construction equipment. Used machinery can be a great way to fulfill the requirement for special applications on the jobsite without disturbing the budget dramatically. Read More

How to Conduct a Buying Evaluation for Used Construction Equipment in 4 steps

During the past few years, the economy has significantly influenced the ownership of construction equipment. Many construction site owners and construction equipment owners have decided to switch from investing in new equipment to purchasing used construction equipment that promises durability. If you are looking to buy used construction equipment in the Middle East, there are a couple of things you need to check, to determine if it is the right purchase. Read More

Three Common Construction Site Problems and How to Deal with them

Uptime is critical for every kind of construction project. Irrespective of the machinery used, ensuring no or reduced downtime is essential. Unexpected downtime can be avoided by better understanding and acknowledging the key issues. Understanding minor issues and addressing, will avoid bigger complexities, such as work delays and postponed contracts and will ensure productivity and efficiency of the operations. This post looks at the causes and prevention of common ..... Read More