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We take a lot of pride in our organization and the products we offer, but ultimately, we exist to serve our customers. Every member of our team works together to meet all your equipment-related needs, taking a ‘can do’ attitude and seeing it through until it’s done. We stand by our products and workmanship, and above all else, we “tell it like it is”

We offer an array of products to choose from, manufactured by Cat and other leading Allied brands available at competitive prices to help you overcome every challenge that comes your way. With 32 area locations, including our full-service rental stores, we are fully equipped to handle all your heavy equipment needs.

Why Rent Equipment from Altorfer Rents?

In business, there are many instances in which renting equipment makes good financial sense.


Our flexible short-term and long-term rentals let you take on more work and a wider variety of applications without compromising your spending budget. You only pay for the equipment you require when it’s in use and you can swap out models based on your changing project requirements. Additional circumstances to rent quality construction equipment and power solutions include:


  • When you need to temporarily replace a machine that requires repairs
  • If you’re interested in trying a particular model while deciding if you want to buy it
  • When you have frequently changing projects, work environments and jobs
  • To increase capabilities without the significant capital expense of buying machines
  • When you want to avoid the expense of servicing, transporting and storing a larger fleet
  • To respond to a busy season or sudden growth in demand


A Cat equipment rental from Altorfer Rents can be the perfect short-term solution for your heavy construction equipment needs. You get the machine you need to complete that special project or perform a unique application without the expense of investing in a brand new one.

Learn more about our Rental with Purchase Option that combines the flexibility and convenience of a rental transaction with the ability to acquire the equiment at any time.

Rental Purchase Option